The FPS Economy said on Friday that gasoline will be a little more expensive starting on Saturday.

The maximum price for a liter of petrol 95 (E10) has increased by 6.4 euro cents to 1.9030 euro. The maximum price of a liter of petrol 98 (E5) is 2.0110 euros, which is more than 2 euros a liter. According to the website, a full tank of Super 95 costs 3.20 euros extra, while a full tank of Super 98 costs even more.

The maximum price of fuel 95 was above 1.95 euros per liter in mid-March, and the maximum price of petrol 98 was above 2.02 euros per liter in mid-March. Following that, the federal government implemented a temporary cut in the price of gasoline and fuel excise charges, at least until September 30. Although the price at the pump would have been far higher without that action, a portion of the reduction has already been lost.

On Saturday, the price of fuel oil will rise to a maximum of 1.3402 euros per liter (+0.0211) for a refilling of 2,000 gallons.

According to the FPS Economy, the higher prices for gasoline and heating oil are due to higher international quotations for oil products or biocomponents.

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