Israel: The reform of public transport tariffs will come into force on 1 August

Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Transport Minister Meirav Michaeli signed a decree to control public transport prices.

The reform envisaged by the Decree, under which tariffs will be unified and simplified, will come into force on August 1, 2022. The decree does not require the approval of the Knesset or any of its committees.

The Ministry of Transport stressed that all travel cards that will be purchased before August 1 will be in force after the entry into force of the decree.

A single bus, tram or cable car ride for a distance of less than 15 kilometers (all distances in a straight line) will cost 5.5 shekels with the possibility of an unlimited number of transfers within 90 minutes from the date of purchase of the ticket. Regional travel (up to 40 km) will cost 12 shekels, long-distance travel up to 120 km – 16 shekels, and over 120 km – 27 shekels. Buses to Eilat will have a separate tariff scale.

A single combined ticket for a bus and train for a distance of up to 15 km will cost 9 shekels with unlimited transfers within 90 minutes. A single regional train ticket (up to 40 km) will cost 18 shekels, interregional – 24 shekels, intercity (up to 120 km) – 27 shekels, more than 120 km – 48 shekels.

A monthly pass throughout the country except for Eilat and the Arava desert will cost 225 shekels, in peripheral areas it will be possible to purchase a regional pass (40 km radius) for 99 shekels (this pass is not valid in Gush Dan, Jerusalem, Haifa, Sharon and Hof ha-Carmel).

Children and teenagers under 18 and people over 60 will receive a 50% discount. The discount for the disabled will be increased from 33% to 50%.

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