Nenezić: Workers are leaving Serbia primarily due to the impossibility of employment according to qualifications.

The president of the Union of Employers of Serbia, Miloš Nenezić, stated today that the first reason for the departure of workers from Serbia is the impossibility of employment according to qualifications.

He told reporters after the session of the Social and Economic Council (SES) that the workers are leaving Serbia also because of the working conditions and the amount of the salary.

According to Nenezic, the number of workers leaving Serbia for European countries has increased after mitigating measures against the pandemic in those countries.

The Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ Affairs and Social Affairs of Serbia, Darija Kisić, who chairs the SES, said that the Labor Inspection performed 63,670 inspections last year, more than half of which were related to safety and protection at work.

She pointed out that in those controls, it was determined that more than 2,200 workers were in the gray zone, but that 60 percent of those workers were employed after the inspection.

The Minister announced changes to the Labor Law.
The president of UGS “Nezavisnost”, Cedanka Andric, said that it was good that the new Law on Safety and Health at Work would be among the first to be on the agenda of the new convocation of the Serbian Parliament this year.

She assessed that it is necessary to improve the material position of inspectors and increase their number.

She pointed out that the manner of determining the minimum price should be one of the first topics after the formation of the new republican government.

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