. – China will strengthen oversight of the digital economy, technological innovation and data protection, and will intensify anti-monopoly measures, in a last sign of new possible squeezes on the tech giants. This is what emerges from a meeting of the Commission on the Deepening of Reforms, chaired by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, which focused on anti-trust rules, the management of state reserves and the fight against pollution.

“It is necessary to accelerate the creation of a complete and multi-level supervision system” in all fields and to fill the existing gaps, reads a note released by the Xinhua news agency., which cites the conclusions of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. It is necessary, the note continues, to strengthen supervision and law enforcement in some “key areas”, including platform economics, technological innovation, information security and livelihood protection. of people.

“It is necessary”, concludes the statement, “to improve the anti-monopoly mechanism and the anti-trust supervisory force”.

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