Mario Draghi shocked the European Parliament: the Treaties must be opened up, the unanimity requirement abandoned


The Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi strongly accuses the European Union of indecision and inaction in a geopolitical situation and in the midst of an energy crisis. He believes that the EU must now be able to take joint action, such as the new stimulus package.

“The war in Ukraine has put the EU in the midst of the biggest crisis ever. I am talking about the humanitarian, economic and political crisis. The EU was able to respond to the pandemic together and take completely exceptional action, such as the largest vaccination operation and recovery package in history. The recovery package is the first reconstruction operation ever in the EU. The same unity and solidarity is needed now, ”Draghi said.

According to him, the measures taken so far in the EU and the sanctions imposed on Russia are completely inadequate. According to Dragh, tough decisions are already in a hurry.

“We need to take action now at the latest, otherwise the crisis will get us back to square one.”

The Italian Prime Minister is proposing the immediate introduction of a loan program such as SURE. SURE was created during a pandemic to combat the risk of unemployment. SURE provided € 100 billion in financial assistance in EU loans.

According to Dragh, now is also the time for a new stimulus package.

“Both the new SURE and the new recovery instrument need to be re-launched now if the EU is to be a credible international player. We have to act fast or the financial uncertainty becomes too great. ”

Unprecedented investment

He pointed out that the investments in question in the EU in renewable energy and in the EU’s common defense are of such a magnitude that no EU country can do them alone.

“All of this will require completely unprecedented investment or the entire European continent will fall into a deep recession. No country can meet these challenges alone. ”

Draghi recalls the record rise in consumer prices and the fact that more and more European families can no longer afford to pay their electricity bills.

“Russia’s aggression and attack on Ukraine has led to a high risk that in addition to the energy crisis, we will soon face a food crisis. Political and social unrest can result. We can’t let that happen, ”he pointed out.

Waiver of unanimity

Draghi proposes opening up the EU’s treaties so that decisions can be taken more effectively in the future. First, he would abandon the requirement that EU countries decide unanimously. Among other things, it has led to Germany and Hungary being able to delay decisions on sanctions on Russian energy.

“The unanimity requirement must be abandoned because it gives a veto to countries that pursue their own interests. The EU must be able to take decisions quickly so that it can be a credible player, ”Draghi commented.

“EU countries’ dependence on Russian energy is thoughtless and dangerous. Italy supports all possible sanctions against Russia, including energy sanctions. In terms of energy, Europe must now look to the Middle East and Africa, ”he continued.

In his speech, Draghi recalled that since the Russian invasion, Italy has proposed a price cap on natural gas. So far, the matter has not been on the table of EU decision-makers at all.

“We want the EU to use the bargaining power that natural gas provides it, as Russia is now unable to supply gas elsewhere through existing pipelines. We also want a common EU price cap for the price of electricity, ”the Italian Prime Minister outlined.

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