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The first trading day of the week on Wall Street closed with a mixed trend, with the Nasdaq closing up 0.9%, the S&P 500 up 0.4% and the Dow Jones down slightly.

The Israelis closed the evening with sharp rises, in the head DSPG Which jumped nearly 18%, followed by Risked , Global.E Online , Redhill , Invis Technologies – On the other hand, Mankind Weakened by about 4%, andCulture , Ituran andDario Heath Lost 3%.

Stock Robin Hood Fell by about 7% after the chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission told Barons that a ban on paying for orders was on the table following a “ conflict of interest” in the brokerage fees that market makers receive for making transactions.

The payment company Ephraim Holdings Jumped nearly 50% after reporting a collaboration with the e.commerce giant Amazon , Which will help consumers finance large purchases made on the site.

Globalstar jumped 64%, amid rumors of integrating satellite communication technology into the next iPhone device.


Globalstar satellite provider has flown over 60% following rumors that Apple’s new iPhone device will include satellite communication technology. This means that the owners of the device, which is expected to be called the iPhone 13, will be able to make calls and send messages even when they are in areas without reception.


Trading on Wall Street is on a mixed trend at this time, with the Dow Jones trading down slightly while the Nasdaq is climbing 1%.

This is an excellent evening for many Israeli women who trade in New York, and in particular DSP Group Which jumps 17.5% against the background of its sale to Synaptics at a premium of 18% on the market price. Risked Rises to close to 14%, Global.E Online Jumps 10%, Monday andInvis About 9% each progress.

Also on the other side of the table the declines moderated, andCulture – which lost about 10% earlier tonight – is now trading down 5.6%.

More prominent for tonight’s bill Dark Which climbs 3%, PayPal Which strengthens by 5% andAMC Which again concentrates the interest of investors and increases by 7.5%. AstraSpace, on the other hand, is down 17% amid a failed rocket launch attempt.


The positive momentum on Wall Street continues, with the NASDAQ index strengthening close to 1%, and the S&P 500 rising 0.6%. The Dow Jones maintains stability, with Apple leading the index with a 3% rise.

Among Israeli women, DSPG is still rising sharply, rising 17%, Riskipade rising 12% and Monday, Redhill and Select, which are rising by about 10%. Cultura continues to lose height and drops 9.3%, and also on Ex, Brainsway, Outbrain and Tramor record declines.

The US bond market has seen slight declines and the yield on the 10.year bond stands at 1.28% at this time.


Wall Street trading continues to be positive.

Except for.DSPG Which jumps 17% against the background of its sale to Synaptics, there are also significant increases among Israelis Monday , Risked , Invis Technologies , Global.E Online andRedhill – On the other hand, Culture Records a sharp decline of 10%.

In the commodity market, there are slight increases in crude oil prices, while the price of gold falls by 0.4% to a level of $ 1,812 per ounce.


European stock markets have closed slightly higher. The DAX was up 0.2% and the Kak was up 0.1%. The pan.European Eurostox 50 index rose 0.2%.


The Israeli information security company Check Point Acquires the Israeli Avanan in exchange for about $ 270.280 million in cash and shares to improve protection against attacks through malicious emails. It is estimated that the cash component exceeds the Check Point stock component.


U.S. trading week opened with slight gains. While the Dow Jones opened steadily, the S&P 500 strengthened 0.1% and the NASDAQ climbed 0.3%.

American software company Synaptics andDSP Group The Israeli company announced that the companies’ boards of directors have approved a final purchase agreement under which Synaptics will acquire DSP at a price of $ 22 per share in a cash transaction – an 18% premium to the share price as of Friday ($ 18.6). The price represents a total consideration of about $ 600 million (about NIS 2 billion). DSPG jumps about 17% after reporting, Synaptics with a modest increase of 1.3%.


The trading day on Wall Street is expected to open steadily. In early trading, there are slight increases in Tesla, Apple, Google and Microsoft shares.

Hurricane Ida has hit the shores of Louisiana since yesterday, bringing with it not only strong floods and raging winds, but also damage to the Louisiana economy and the huge energy industry based there. These economic damages could extend far beyond the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

U.S. President Joe Biden tonight declared a “huge.scale disaster” after more than a million people were left without electricity following the hurricane, with winds in some parts of the country recorded at 240 mph. Later in the morning, power outages were recorded in neighboring Mississippi.
The power outages along with the outbreak of the corona plague led to a particularly harsh reality. Thus, for example, during the night, a hospital in the New Orleans area lost a generator, which caused the medical staff to have to manually operate soul machines for Corona patients until they were moved to another floor where there was electricity.


The slight rises in Europe continue. In contract trading on US stock market indices the trend is mixed.

Gold is trading down slightly.


The trading day on the European stock exchanges opened with slight gains. In contract trading on US stock market indices the trend is mixed.

Dr. Gil Befman, chief economist at Bank Leumi, and economist Benyahu Bolotin note in the weekly oil review that “oil prices have risen in the past week, after falling for most of August. “This increase came after China appeared to be able to stem the re.spread of the corona virus in the country, without its measures severely hurting global demand despite the regional closures imposed on the country.“

However, they note that “the expected increase in OPEC + and US oil production, together with the weakness in demand resulting from the spread of the corona virus, along with the seasonal decline in demand after the summer tourism period, increase the chances of a certain drop in oil prices. In addition, the expected reduction in the Fed’s asset purchases may strengthen the dollar, which also supports the decline in the price of oil in the medium term. ”


Asian stock markets are trading today with slight gains and in trading on US stock market indices the trend is mixed.

In the crypto trading arena, biotech is down 1.5% and trades at around $ 48,000. A Brent oil contract recorded a slight increase and traded around $ 72.90 a barrel.

Alex Zabrzynski, Meitav Dash’s chief economist, notes in his weekly review that the profits of all U.S. companies rose 9.2% in the second quarter after a 5.1% rise in the first, as reported in the update to GDP data last week. Profits in the second quarter were about 15% higher than before the crisis began. Such a rapid and powerful recovery in profitability is due, among other things, to significant streamlining of companies, which is expected to contribute to high profitability in the future as well.

“In the six quarters since the beginning of the crisis, the companies’ profits from domestic operations have risen by 4%, compared with the profits generated abroad, which have fallen by 10.3%. Despite the decline in profits from abroad, the companies in the S&P 500 index with high exposure to activity abroad actually showed significantly superior performance compared to the general index. Bottom line: a correction is expected in favor of the shares of the companies that derive most of the profit from domestic operations in the United States.

He further notes that “in our estimation, there is a significant risk that inflation in the US will be higher and longer lasting than the Fed estimates. “It is possible that reducing supply.side pressures while lowering demand will lead to falling prices without the intervention of the strip, but the scenario where the Fed will have to respond by a faster tightening of its policy including raising interest rates in 2022 seems more plausible.“

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