Qatar regains the crown from America as the largest gas exporter

Qatar has regained exports to the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas, from the United States, at a time when the end of winter reduced demand for heating fuels in the northern hemisphere.

Qatar’s April exports of refrigerated fuel exceeded 7.5 million metric tons, outperforming the United States, according to ship tracking data compiled by Bloomberg.

Maintenance at Qatargas facilities reduced the Middle Eastern country’s exports a month ago.

During the winter months, cooler temperatures, as well as Europe’s desire to reduce dependence on Russian energy, increased demand for natural gas and fuels.

As soon as the winter season ended, some US export terminals took advantage of the period of low demand and lower prices to conduct maintenance, which led to a reduction in production in the United States, according to “Bloomberg”.

The shale gas revolution, along with billions of dollars in investments in liquefaction facilities, has transformed the United States from a net importer of liquefied natural gas into the largest exporter in less than a decade.

Looking ahead, the United States and Qatar are expected to enter a race to dominate the global LNG market. Once the Calcasieu Pass export terminal in Louisiana is completed later this year, the US is expected to reach peak LNG production capacity of 13.9 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day.

Meanwhile, Qatar is planning a massive export project to be launched later this decade, which could cement its position as the largest supplier.

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