EU takes tough action: puts ban on Russian oil, war criminals on sanctions list, big banks out of Swift

“Lastly, we are now proposing a ban on Russian oil imports.” That is what the President of the European Commission said Ursula von der Leyen after announcing on Wednesday the Commission’s proposal for a sixth EU sanctions package against Russia.

According to Von der Leyen, the package includes a plan to “phase out Russian oil imports in a controlled manner”.

“It’s clear it’s not easy. But we have to do this. ”

According to Von der Leyen, Russian crude oil will be phased out within six months and refined by the end of this year. Gradual implementation is needed to enable Member States to organize alternative energy supply channels.

“This is how we maximize the pressure on Russia, but minimize the damage to us and our partners around the world. Because to help Ukraine, our own economy must remain strong. ”

In addition, the package includes the closure of three major Russian banks, Sberbank, by far the country’s largest bank, from the international Swift system, as well as the blocking of three major Russian state-owned media channels in Europe.

The package also includes the appointment and inclusion in EU sanctions of high-ranking Russian officers and others responsible for the Butch massacre and the “inhumane” siege of Mariupol.

“We know who you are. And you will be held accountable, ”says von der Leyen.

Von der Leyen says in his speech that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “Wanted to wipe Ukraine off the map.”

“It’s clear he won’t succeed. On the contrary: Ukraine has risen united. And his own country, Russia, is sinking. ”

According to Von der Leyen, the future of the EU is now being written in Ukraine.

“We want Ukraine to win this war. But [sen jälkeen] is facing a lot of reconstruction. That is why I am proposing that we start working on a comprehensive support package for our Ukrainian friends. The package must bring in massive investment and meet the need for reform. ”

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