Awaiting US interest rate announcement: European stock markets fall

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Trading in Europe continues to be in a negative trend, Kak is down 0.41%, Potsey is down 0.34% and Dax is down 0.19%. Stokes 600 is down 0.37%.

Shares of Belgian chemical company Solvei rose more than 5% after the company updated its earnings forecast for the coming year.


Trading on the European stock exchanges opened this morning in a negative trend, Kak and Potsy are down about 0.36%, Dax is down 0.26%. The All-European Stokes 600 Index is down 0.2%.

Shares of Swedish construction company Sanska are plunging above 7%, after it reported weak results for the first quarter of the year.

Negative lock on Asian stocks – Heng Seng fell 1.24% in the last trading hour, Kusfi in South Korea dropped 0.11% and the Australian stock market lost 0.16% from a campaign.

Alibaba and Tencent shares were prominent in declines in Hong Kong, losing over 3% of their value.


Trading on the Asian stock markets is on a negative trend this morning, with the Heng Seng index falling by 1.33% and Kospi in South Korea losing about 0.1% of its value. China’s stock exchanges are still closed today on the occasion of Labor Day and in Japan there will be no trading due to the Greenhouse Day celebration.

Shares of Alibaba and Tencent both shed about 3%.

There will be no trade in Israel in the next two days due to Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays.

Last night, Wall Street trading closed in a positive trend: Dow Jones and Nasdaq were up 0.2% and the S&P 500 was up 0.5%. In the US interest rate announcement released today.

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