STOCK EXCHANGE: The Helsinki Stock Exchange ended in decline – Sampo’s result was not enough for investors

In Helsinki, the stock exchange’s general index OMXH PI closed on -0.91 per cent on Wednesday. Alavire was extensive on the Helsinki Stock Exchange as well as globally.

The most traded shares of the day were Shampoo (-1,95 %), Nordea (-0.35%) and Nokia (-1,08 %).

Sampo reports that analysts expect a better start to the year. The company’s largest business, non-life insurer If improved its result to EUR 283 million. However, Sampo’s total profit before taxes decreased by more than 10 percent from the strong comparison period to EUR 566 million.

“The numbers were cheekily hard, but they had a lot of one-offs,” he said ON:n chief analyst Antti Saari About Sampo’s result.

Conglomerate At least comparable operating profit almost doubled for the shipping company ESL Shippingin pulled. Aspo’s share price closed with a rise of 2.70 percent.

Nonwovens manufacturer Suominen the result collapsed and the company weakened its guidance for the whole year. The company expects the situation to ease in the third quarter of this year. In addition to cost inflation, Finland is plagued by the full stocks of important customers. Suominen’s share price decreased by -5.03 percent.

Food company Raision revenue growth was strong in the first half of the year, but profitability melted as grain prices rose. Raisio’s more traded V share decreased by -3.42 percent.

Enchantment reports an increase in net sales of 13 percent and an increase in EBITDA. The share price of Loihti rose by 1.94 percent.

IT service company Digia published good growth figures and profitability exceeded analysts’ expectations. The company’s share was quoted at a price increase of 5.07 percent to EUR 7.25 when the stock exchange closed.

Forest Board said it was investigating an investment to increase the production of folding boxboard in Finland or Sweden. The study is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The price of the company’s most traded B share remained at yesterday’s closing level.

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