Krkobabic: Faster, easier and free ride for the rural population in Rekovac

The Minister for the care of the village, Milan Krkobabić, stated today that a faster, easier and completely free ride was provided for the rural population in the municipality of Rekovac.

“For the youngest, but also the oldest, this is a gift from the state of Serbia,” Krkobabic said in Rekovac in the first ride in a minibus to transport the rural population, purchased with funds from the Ministry of Rural Care. , along the route that this vehicle will use every day, and stopped in the villages of Dragovo and Belušić, in order to talk to the locals who welcomed him warmly.

Tatjana Antonijevic, a teacher at the elementary school in the village of Dragovo, pointed out that this minibus means a lot to the locals, as well as to the children who have walked miles to the school so far.

The president of the local community Dragovo, Nebojsa Djurdjevic, thanked Krkobabic and on behalf of the residents and students pointed out how much this type of transport will make life easier in the village.

With 120 million dinars that the Ministry of Village Care set aside for these purposes last year, 18 vehicles were procured, and among the first, after the municipality of Kursumlija, a minibus arrived in the municipality of Rekovac.

The president of the municipality of Rekovac, Aleksandar Djordjevic, said that the municipality has mountain villages up to 30 kilometers away.

“This minibus will be used for free transportation of those residents and that is why this is an important day for the municipality,” he said, expressing satisfaction that some populated places that have never had organized transportation will now be included in regular transportation organized by this minibus.

Funds were provided from last year’s grant program for the purchase of a 20 plus one-seat minibus to transport the rural population from one village to another or from the village to the city / municipal headquarters.

The goal of this program is to make it possible for the rural population in hard-to-reach and poorly connected villages, especially those over 500 meters above sea level, to perform economic activities, adequate health care, go to school for the youngest, sports and cultural activities.

In this way, only with the funds allocated last year, it will contribute to solving the problem of transportation in 479 villages across Serbia, and it will be used by 17,000-18,000 passengers a week.

This year, 120 million dinars have been set aside for the same purposes.

The public competition lasted until April 21, 2022, and the allocation of funds to the best ranked units of local self-governments is expected soon.

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