Half of Febiac staff gone after the car salon disappears

The double cancellation of the Brussels motor show leaves a deep crater at Febiac. Of the nearly 50 employees of the automotive sector federation, there are still about 20 left. That writes the newspaper De Tijd on its website on Thursday.

The department that provides training for the car industry and the organization team of the motor show in particular suffered serious blows. That salon was canceled this and last year due to the corona pandemic. The chance that the stock market will return to its original form seems small.

The disappearance of the salons also left a hole in the financial results. Last year Febiac made more loss (4.3 million euros) than turnover (3.3 million euros). According to CEO Andreas Cremer, the results for the 2021-2022 financial year ended March 31, are in the same line.

The last layoffs were completed in April. Febiac still has just over 20 employees. “We have done everything we can to restore financial equilibrium,” says Cremer. “But we are definitely not there yet. There are no more layoffs on the way.”

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