Wall Street through it instead;  The Israeli automotive company REE fell 34%

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The day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange ended with slight changes with a negative tendency. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 were down 0.1%, and the Nasdaq was down almost unchanged.

S&P recorded its seventh consecutive month of gains in the August summary, up 3%. NASDAQ ended the month with a 4% increase and the Dow settled for 1.3% progress.

Shares of shares fell 17% after showing a slowdown in revenue growth in the second quarter. Apple weakened 0.8%, but Amazon, which rose 1.5%, offset it.

Among Israelis, REE fell 34% after the blocking period of some of the Spock investors ended. On the plus side, Redhill continued to rise and jumped 17%.


Brent crude, October contract, fell 0.6 percent, 42 cents, to close at $ 72.99 a barrel.


WTI oil for October delivery was down 1 percent, 71 cents, to $ 68.5 a barrel.


Gold Strengthened: A December delivery contract rose 0.3 percent, to $ 5.9, and closed at $ 1,818.1 an ounce.


The share of the Israeli auto-tech company REE, which merged with SPAC about a month ago at a value of about $ 3.1 billion, falls more than 33% after the end of some of the shareholders.


European stock markets ended the day trading lower. In Frankfurt, the DAX was down 0.4%, as was the Potassium 100 in London, while in Paris Cuck 40 it was down 0.1%. The European Stokes 600 Index lost 0.5%.


The Nasdaq index is down 0.2%, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 are down with a downward trend.

In technology stocks, Apple loses 1%, Microsoft weakens 0.2%, Google, Facebook and Netflix stability. Tesla is up 1.1%.


Trading day on the New York Stock Exchange opened in a negative trend. NASDAQ loses 0.3%, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 are down 0.1%.

Zoom drops more than 16% even though it has bypassed forecasts; Chinese stocks continue to advance, Pindudo jumping more than 5%; American Express and GPS Morgan are up 0.5%.

Of the Israelis, Redhill jumps 16%, Teva strengthens 1% and Digigos rises 2%.

The 10-year US government bond yield slightly increases to 1.28%. The dollar weakened 0.1% against the currency basket and retreated at a similar rate against the Japanese yen to 109.8 yen per dollar. The pound is up 0.1% to $ 1.37 a pound and the euro is up 0.2% to $ 1.18 a euro. WTI oil is down 0.8% to $ 68.6 a barrel and Brent oil is down 0.6% to about $ 73 a barrel.


Macro USA: House prices continue to soar and shattered another record in June. House prices rose 18.6% year-on-year in June, after rising 16.8% in May, according to the Case Schiller Housing Price Index. This is the sharpest annual increase in the history of the existing index since 1987. The index of the 10 leading cities rose by 18.5%, compared with 16.6% in the previous month, and the index of the 20 leading cities jumped 19.1%, compared to 17.1% in May. The cities that led the rises were Phoenix (29.3%), San Diego (27.1%) and Seattle (25%).


Futures on the leading Wall Street indices are trading down 0.1%.

In Europe, the trend has changed and the stock markets have declined, following inflation data, according to which the price index rose by 0.4% in August and closed with an annual increase of 3%.

Among the stocks that focus pre-trade interest in New York:

Modern Emerges after a study showed that its vaccine for corona produced more than twice as much antibody as Pfizer’s vaccine.

Zoom It surpassed forecasts and reported revenue that first crossed the $ 1 billion mark and a $ 1.36 earnings per share, 20 cents above analysts’ forecasts. The stock is down more than 11% in pre-trading.

Virgin Galactic Climbs after Jeffries began surveying the space tourism company and gave the stock a “buy” rating.

Yandex, the Russian technology company, has announced a deal to acquire the holdings of Uber In several joint ventures of transportation and food deliveries for $ 1 billion.

Robin Hood Continues to weaken after falling about 7% yesterday. Background: A report on CNBC that PayPal is considering launching its own stock trading platform and the chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission said that the possibility of banning payment for order information, the company’s main source of revenue, is being considered.


Shai Zessler, Global Markets Analyst at Bank Hapoalim’s Research Unit, commented on the increase
In the EU consumer price index, which rose in August at an annual rate of 3%, higher than in 2011 and above analysts’ forecasts (2.7%), while core inflation (excluding food and energy) rose by 1.6%, similar to expectations. “Among the factors that contributed to the jump in inflation is the sharp rise in transport prices and supply constraints, although a low comparison base in the corresponding figure last year (resulting from one-time effects such as last year’s VAT reduction and summer vacation timing) also contributed to the high figure,” explains Zessler. .

The European Central Bank’s Monetary Committee, chaired by Christine Laggard, noted at the last meeting that it considers inflation to be “temporary and transient” (similar to the US one), and accordingly committed to pursuing a long-term expansionary policy. Next week, which is expected to include an update to growth and inflation forecasts, in line with the development of the Delta disease morbidity across the EU. only”.


Rises in European stock markets intensified slightly after the publication of inflation data in the bloc, according to which the price index rose by 0.4% in August and closed with an annual increase of 3%.

Banks and investment houses in London are recording price declines, including Lloyds, HSBC andCharter standard . In Germany Deutsche Bank In fact, it is strengthening by 0.7%, and so is the French bank Credit Agricole Increases by a similar rate.

Company Zoom Cut 10% in early trading on Wall Street following the publication of its reports last night, after the trading day closed. The company topped analysts’ forecasts and posted revenue of $ 1.02 billion in the second quarter, and also in the earnings line beat the forecasts and recorded earnings of $ 1.36 per share compared to expected earnings of $ 1.16 per share. At the same time, the company has updated third-quarter forecasts that revenue is expected to range from $ 1.01 billion to $ 1.02 billion, so it does not actually anticipate growth.

Despite declines earlier in the day, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange closed up 1.3%. In Shanghai, too, there was an increase of 0.4%, while in Shenzhen the index fell by 0.6%.


The trading day on the European stock exchanges opens with a mixed trend when the gains are slight. The German DAX index is up 0.4% and this is the highest increase among the indices in the bloc. The Potsy index is trading steadily, the Kak index is down very slightly. The pan-European Eurostox 50 is up 0.2%, with a similar rise in the Amsterdam, Zurich, Lisbon and Stockholm stock exchanges.

Aviation Group IAG Loses over 2% on the London Stock Exchange, where no trading took place yesterday, and also Lloyds , Rolls Royce , Barclays and-HSBC Record declines.


Trading in Japan ended with a 1.1% increase in the Nikkei index. Among others, Z Holdings and JFE Holdings, which rose above 3%, stood out.


Asian stock markets are trading this morning in a mixed trend, with a 1.1% rise in Tokyo, a 0.5% rise in Sydney and a positive trend in South Korea and India. On the other hand, the Chinese Shanghai index is down 0.7%, the Shenzhen and China 50 indices are down 1.7% and Hong Kong is down 1.3%.

Shiomi stands out negatively in Hong Kong with a 2% drop, Chinese insurance company Ping cuts more than 7% and Tencent loses 3%.

Trading on Wall Street contracts is up 0.1%, signaling a positive opening in the meantime. Last night was a positive day, especially for the Israeli stocks traded in New York. The Israelis closed the evening with sharp rises, in the head DSP Group Which soared nearly 18% after reporting the technology company Synaptics Acquires it for $ 540 million. also Risked , Global-E Online , Redhill , Invis Technologies andMonday Record very nice increases. On the other hand, Culture , Ituran andDario Heath Lost about 3% each.

At 12:00 (Israel time), inflation data will be published in the European Union, when according to analysts’ forecasts, the consumer price index will rise by 2.7%.

The crypto market continues to decline slightly after the rally recorded about two weeks ago, and at the same time Bitcoin is still at a relatively high level in recent months and stands at about $ 47,000. Heather strengthens slightly this morning and rises to $ 3,230.

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