Negative trend in European markets and futures;  The dollar strengthens against the shekel

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The declines in Europe are deepening. Dax is down 1.2%, Kak is down 1.4% and Potsey is down 0.9%. The eStokes 600 Decreases by about 1.4%, and sharp declines are recorded Ex in Paris, Autostor In Oslo, IAG in London, Adidas in Frankfurt and Ryanair In Dublin. On the plus side, the shipping giant Marsh Climber in Copenhagen and energy company BP Advanced in London.

In the foreign exchange market, the dollar jumped 1.87% against the shekel and its representative exchange rate was set at NIS 3,419.

In New York, futures are down 0.5% -0.6% while bond yields are relatively stable. At 3:30 p.m. (Israel time) the U.S. employment report will be released.

In the commodity market, there are increases of about 2% in crude oil contracts. Brent costs $ 113 a barrel and WTI $ 110.3 a barrel. Gold is trading steadily, Bitcoin continues to lose ground and drops to $ 36.2 thousand. Heather also plunged and traded at $ 2,720 per currency.


Trading in Hong Kong closed down a sharp 3.7% in the flagship index, Heng Seng. Chinese technology stocks stood out in the declines, including Shiomi with a decline of more than 4%, Alibaba that mimicked almost 7%, electric vehicle maker Gili that shed about 6.5% and other notable declines recorded Tencent and Mituan.

In Europe, declines are intensifying but are still significantly moderate compared to those recorded last night in New York. Dax is down 0.7%, Kak is down 0.9% and Potsey is down 0.5%. Prominent in Frankfurt Adidas Which erases over 6%, and on the other hand there are slight increases toHenkel and-BMW . Deutsche Bank Traded steadily, while in Paris the banks Society General and Credit Agricole Climbers. In London, the aviation giant is particularly prominent IAG (British Airways owner) which falls 8% in the second largest trading volume in the Potsy index.

On Wall Street, futures trading has moved into negative territory, with contracts on the three major indices falling 0.4%. In the government bond market, there is again a slight increase in yields, and the 10-year bond yield rises by a point to 3.07%.


Trading on European stock markets opened in a negative trend as expected, following an evening of sharp falls on Wall Street. The declines are moderate relative to those recorded last night as well as relative to the Asian trend: an index Dax The German drops by 0.4%, jackdaw In Paris shed about 0.8% and Potsey The British weakened by only 0.3%. Euro Stokes 50 The European rule loses almost 1%.

In China, declines declined slightly in the run-up to the close of trading, with Shanghai and Shenzhen indices losing 2% each. Hong Kong is still trading, with the Heng Seng Index erasing 3.9%.

In Forex, dollar Crosses the NIS 3.4 threshold again. Euro Weakened by 0.5% against the shekel and its exchange rate is around 3.57 shekels. During intraday trading, it crossed the NIS 3.6 line.


The Japan Stock Exchange, which has been closed in recent days due to a holiday, closed higher against the trend in the markets. Early in the morning, inflation data were published, according to which the price index climbed 2.5% at an annual rate. The core index, excluding energy and food, rose 1.9% – a tenth of a percent above expectations.

measure Nike Climbed 0.6%, with the Tokyo Electric Company at the top of the index rising 16% in an unusually large trading volume. The Tokyo metropolitan government (which owns 1.2% of the company) announced on Monday that it had asked Tokyo Electric to reactivate nuclear reactors, noting the potential shortage of energy later this year. Yesterday, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said in a speech in London that the government plans to use nuclear energy to contribute to reducing global dependence on Russian energy, according to media reports.

In Hong Kong, the negative trend continues, with the Hang Seng index shedding 3.5% with significant declines for technology companies. Shiomi loses 4%, Alibaba falls more than 6% and also Mitouan, Gili and Tencent lose height quickly. Lenovo, on the other hand, is up 1.8%.

In the foreign exchange market, the dollar weakened by 0.4% compared to the shekel. Last night, the American currency jumped by 2% to a rate of NIS 3.42, and this morning it traded around NIS 3,399. Since the beginning of the year, the dollar has jumped close to 10% against the shekel.


Trading on the Asian stock markets is taking place this morning in a mostly negative trend. The Heng Seng Index was down 3.7%, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stocks were down 2.3%, the South Korean Kospi Index was down 1.2% and the Australian Flag Index was down 2.3%.

The descents come after a bright red night on Wall Street. NASDAQ Dived by 5%, Dow Jones Closed the worst day since 2020 and fell by 3.1% and the S&P 500 Decreased by about 3.5%. This, after andThe Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) decided on Wednesday to raise US interest rates by 50 basis points, according to early forecasts. This is the sharpest increase since 2000 and the second in a row.

Extremely sharp declines were recorded yesterday by technology giants, chief among them Tesla Which dived more than 8%, Amazon and nvidia Fell by about 7.5%, Meta (Facebook) Lost about 6.8%, Dark and-AMD Shed 5.5% and Alphabetical (Google) Decreased by 4.7%.

This morning New York futures are trading steadily, with the bond market showing a slight weakness in long-term bond yields. The two-year bond yield rises by 2.73%. The 10-year bond yield, which soared yesterday, retreated to 5.05%.

The commodities market recorded moderate increases, after crude oil completed a weekly increase of 4%. Brent is trading at $ 111.4 a barrel and U.S. oil at $ 108.8. Gold is stable at around $ 1,876. The crypto market has joined the negative momentum in the market and Bitcoin has been cut by more than 8% and dropped to a level of $ 36.3 thousand.

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