Experts estimate: Now is the time for spring cleaning of the portfolio – “Such companies can definitely be cleaned out of there”

According to the recent Investor Barometer, the biggest risks for private investors are accelerating inflation, escalating war and weakening the economic cycle.

The top spot on the list is no surprise, he notes Aktian portfolio manager Juha Laakso. High prices are now plaguing the energy sector in particular.

“When visiting a petrol pump, everyone experiences how inflation is already very concretely present through energy prices,” says Laakso.

There are also many different threats in the public debate. From an investor’s perspective, this forcibly evokes thoughts about what should be done next.

“In such a situation, it is good to think about your own investment targets and the risks involved,” concludes. Stock Exchange Foundation managing director Sari Southwest.

Inderesin chief analyst Antti Viljakainen encourages investors to look at other markets and to ensure that they do not concentrate risk geographically only in Finland.

“If there is an apartment, a job and an entire equity portfolio, it is a pretty big concentration,” Viljakainen points out.

According to experts, the uncertainties in the market also support the so-called spring cleaning of one’s own equity portfolio.

“At least one could look through the portfolio and think about what kind of names might have a repatriation place, or alternatively companies whose risk levels are such that they don’t want to sleep with them at night. Such companies can certainly be cleaned up from there, ”says Laakso.

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