STOCK EXCHANGE: The Helsinki Stock Exchange continues to know the opening level – Martela is still in good shape

The nervousness of the US stock exchanges was not visible in Helsinki on Friday in the same way as on the other side of the Atlantic yesterday. The technology-focused Nasdaq closed down as much as 5 percent, while the S&P 500 general index fell 3.6 percent.

The top of the most traded shares was mainly declining. Nordea was 1.0 percent minus, while Shampoo had fallen 0.9 percent. Outokumpu had risen 6.8 percent and was also at the top of the stock market.

Strong results

Furniture company Martela reported this result in the morning. The result made little effort to make a profit, although the analysis company, for example Inderes expected a loss from it. Net sales also increased by more than 30 percent. The company was also at the forefront of the stock market when the share had strengthened by 15.7 percent. In addition to Outokumpu and Martela, it was also at the forefront Loudspring.

The top of the counters was kept in turn BBS Bioactive Bone Substitutes, who reported on the new share issue this afternoon. Also Bioretec, Effects mixed Lifa Air were among the biggest skiers.

The course reactions are summarized in the table at the end of the story.

Also charge electric car charging points Kempower reported dizzying growth. The company’s turnover quadrupled from last year. However, the result remained at a loss and weakened from the comparison period.

In addition, the company said it had received an order worth five million euros in the United States during the day. This is a new customer for Kempower.

Fireplace company during the day Brimstone said its revenue and comparable operating profit increased in the first quarter from last year. The order backlog at the end of the review period was EUR 10.5 million, compared to EUR 5.2 million at the same time last year.

Manufacturer of fundus cameras Optomed rose despite the fact that the company’s result yesterday was disappointing. Inderes today dropped Optomed’s target price sharply from the previous EUR 7.50 to EUR 4.20, but raised its recommendation to a higher level.

Optomed also announced that it had raised EUR 4.8 million in a directed issue, in which the company’s owners included Kyösti Kakkonen their company Joensuu Shop & Machine through.

Kemira leaves Russia

Chemical company Kemira announced during the day that it would exit the Russian market and close its local offices. Kemira has 45 employees in Russia. Last year, Russia accounted for about three percent of the company’s net sales.

A media company that also publishes a trade magazine Middle Soul said, in turn, that it had acquired the remaining 60% of its former holdings About Netello Systems. The parties will not disclose the purchase price. Alma acquired its previous 60 percent holding in March last year.

Exchange rate reactions, situation at 15.08.

Share Price, euros Change,% Exchange, euros
Middle Soul 9,6 -3,4 74 377
BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes 2,0 2,1 933
Bioretec 1,9 -6,3 29 110
Effects 12,0 -6,3 21 696
Kemira 12,2 -2,1 1 240 627
Kempower 11,4 0,7 844 757
Lifa Air 2,4 -6,2 4 735
Martela A 3,0 15,7 201 488
Nordea Bank 9,3 -1,0 25 435 387
Optomed 3,9 5,8 609 868
Outokumpu 5,0 6,8 19 694 678
Sampo A 44,6 -0,9 25 369 365
Tulikivi A 0,5 1,5 42 340

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