Whatsapp announces new features such as ’emoji reactions,’ larger files, and group conversations

Some new features in the popular messaging software Whatsapp: users may now exchange larger files – up to 2 terabytes, up from 100 megabytes previously. Emoji responses to texts and larger group conversations are also new.

As a result, you can now reply to messages with a thumb, a heart, a smiling smiley, a sobbing smiley, and two hands together. The latter is sometimes interchanged with the word ‘pray,’ but it truly means ‘thank you.’ In a blog post, it stated, “We will continue to focus on this functionality by providing additional ‘comments’ at a later date.” This new feature is particularly beneficial for group discussions. Anyone who used to crack a good joke in a group conversation received a lot of ‘haha’s’ and notifications. Group talks should be a little more orderly with these emoji reactions.

Larger files can be sent over Whatsapp.

Also, Meta, formerly FaceBook Inc. and current owner of Whatsapp, has limited the size of files you may send using Whatsapp. Previously, you could only transfer files up to 100 megabytes; today, you may send files up to 2 gigabytes. Another new feature is the ability to have even larger group talks. Group discussions were previously limited to 256 participants, however that number has recently been raised to 512.

WhatsApp claims it will gradually push out these new features over the world. Some people already have emoji reactions, according to a tiny sample of our editorial team. On Friday evening, though, the file limit remained. No one dared to have a group discussion with more than 256 people.

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