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Mixed lock on Wall Street. The Nasdaq closed slightly higher, while the Dow Jones fell 0.1% at the end.

Significant increases were recorded on Monday, Sentinel One, Modern , Uber and Alibaba and on the other hand Wells Fargo and AMC stood out in sharp declines.


A mixed trend in New York, with the NASDAQ index climbing to a new high and the Dow Jones on the other hand maintaining stability.

Sentinel Van And Mondays stand out with sharp rises.


Mixed lock in Europe. On Wall Street a mixed trend, with the NASDAQ index climbing to a new high and the Dow Jones on the other hand recording a slight decline.

Significant increases record stocks Dark , Twitter, Uber , Nova.Vox, Tencent and Alibaba.

Company Check Cap Announced today the appointment of Dr. Hanit Brenner.Lavie as Vice President of Clinic. Dr. Brenner.Lavie will be responsible for leading the company’s overall clinical strategy, its implementation and labeling its activities, including promoting innovation.


Among Israeli stocks, sharp rises are noticeable Zim , Risked , Monday , Sentinel One (whose value now exceeds the value of Check Point) andPolitics

Playtica announced this morning that it is making its first acquisition since the IPO on Wall Street earlier this year, and its eighth overall. The company has announced the acquisition of control of Reworks Oy, the maker of the Redecor app that combines the field of home design and gaming – which according to a Pleiatica announcement is the second ranked app in the world in its field.

The acquired company operates from Helsinki, Finland. Playtica will pay $ 400 million for 80% of the company’s shares, ie at a value of $ 500 million per acquirer, and will in the future be able to purchase the remaining 20% ​​of the shares for $ 200 million, ie at a value of $ 1 billion. This is subject to meeting the EBITDA target (profit excluding interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) for 2022. If the company does not meet the EBITDA target set between the companies but not reported, the shares will be transferred to Playtica for only one dollar.


A mixed trend in the opening of trading in New York. The NASDAQ is trading slightly higher and the Dow Jones maintains stability.

Intercourse shares soared by about 13% on its first trading day on NASDAQ.


European stock markets continue to move mainly in price increases, with the DAX index continuing to lose momentum and now rising only 0.2%.

French retail chain Carrefour Is struggling to recover and is still trading down 4%, after billionaire Bernard Arnaud sold his holdings in the company. On the other hand, increases are being recorded in Paris at Credit Agricole , Society General andAtos

The crypto market is relatively stable, with Bitcoin trading at $ 47.5 thousand, while Ether is 6% stronger at $ 3,550.


The positive trend in Europe continues. While the rise of the German DAX has moderated and dropped to 0.5%, the Potsy is up 0.9% and Kak is already strengthening by more than 1.2%. The Madrid 25 index jumps more than 2%, with Milan and Lisbon up 1.2%.

Asian stock markets have closed in a mostly positive trend. The Shanghai Composite Index was up 0.6% and the China 50 Index jumped above 2.4%. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange rose 0.6%.

Futures continue to signal a positive opening, with contracts for the Dow Jones and S&P 500 rising 0.3% and the Nasdaq contract advancing 0.1%.


European Trading Day opens with price increases. The DAX and POTSI are up 0.7%, and the Kak is up 1%. In Madrid, there was an increase of 1.5%, mainly due to adequate increases by the regional banks.

Also in the rest of Europe most banks are strengthening, when Deutsche Bank Rises 2%, Lloyds and Standard Chartered rise above 1% and Credit Agricol climbs 1.2%. French retail chain Carrefour Cut 4.2% after billionaire Bernard Arno was reportedly selling his holdings (5.7%) for 724 million euros.


Asian stocks rose this morning, with the Japanese Nikkei gaining 1.1%, the China 50 index jumping 2.8% and Hong Kong and Shanghai the screens are green. In Sydney, however, the index is down 0.3%.

The Japanese Komso, which manufactures mechanical engineering equipment and machinery for industry, stands out in Tokyo with an increase of 5.4%. Mitsubishi Bank rises 1.9% in high trading turnover, Panasonic rises 1%. In Hong Kong Shiomi stands out with an increase of 1.4%.

Wall Street indices are also trading up 0.2%, signaling a positive trend in New York. Yesterday the trading day ended with slight changes with a negative trend, with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 weakening by about 0.1% and the Nasdaq closed almost unchanged.

In the US bond market, the trend is positive as well, and the yield on the 10.year bond is strengthening and rising to 1.33%.

In the oil market, price increases of about 0.7% are recorded, with investors waiting for the OPEC + meeting today, during which an additional 400,000 barrels of oil per day will be discussed for the coming months. Kuwait’s oil minister said the addition, agreed at their previous meeting, could be reconsidered in light of the recurrence of coronary heart disease, according to Reuters.

Also in the afternoon will be announced the change in U.S. crude oil inventories last week, with oil and energy companies in the Gulf of Mexico closing their refineries ahead of Hurricane Ida that is now hitting the west coast of the United States. It is estimated that Ida could affect up to 15% of U.S. oil production – the world’s largest oil producer.

In Mizrahi Tefahot, they referred to the storm that is taking place in the oil market, while according to senior analyst Meital Bar.David and chief economist Ronen Menachem, the events in the background are very likely to lead to an increase in oil prices. “A possible move to cut the daily allowance, along with the removal of the possibility that Iran will reach a new agreement with the powers (and add its share to global supply), while the US will have a hard time giving its share due to the severe storm – all are now working to raise oil prices,” the two explained.

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