Krkobabic: PUPS gives full and unreserved support to President Vučić’s views – 3P has no alternative

The Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS) today supported the views of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, on the further economic and political development of the country, especially the announcement that the increase in salaries will be accompanied by an increase in pensions.

PUPS leader Milan Krkobabic assessed that “a strong and growing economy, integrated into world and European trends, is open to new investments, especially regular and growing salaries and pensions, a precondition in defending key national and state interests.”

“President Vučić’s firm determination to follow salaries in the next period is also a real confirmation that the long-standing value attitude of PUPS and the 3P pension formula follow salaries, they have no valid alternative,” Krkobabić stated, as reported by the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia.

He also assessed that the views expressed by the President of Serbia in yesterday’s address to the citizens were “a clear call for unity, political stability and determination not to give up our European path regardless of all military and security challenges in the region.”

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