G7 decides to ban Russian oil imports: “We are committed to ending our dependence”

A meeting of G7 heads of state on Sunday imposed a ban on imports of Russian crude oil in all member states, including the United States, Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Japan and Canada.

The news agency was the first to report on the news agency Bloomberg, whose journalist has seen a draft of the summit’s final document.

“We are committed to ending our dependence on Russian energy and this includes a gradual ban on crude oil imports. We will ensure that we do it in a timely and appropriate manner in a way that gives the world time to obtain alternative energy sources, ”the draft says.

The G7 leaders adopted the statement as drafted.

Earlier on Sunday, Hungary blocked a ban on Russian oil imports within the EU for the time being. Discussions on the matter will continue this week.

The G7 also undertakes not to purchase other Russian products or services.

“We are isolating Russia in all areas of the economy and strengthening our campaign against the Russian economic elite and their families,” the statement said.

Of the G7 countries, the United States and Britain have previously imposed an import ban on Russian oil.

The United States said just ahead of the G7 summit that it had put Gazprombank executives on its sanctions list.

Gazprombank is an exceptionally significant player since the Russian president Vladimir Putin has called on countries that buy Russian natural gas to pay their gas bills into its accounts.

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