The company Coca-Cola in Serbia (Coca-Cola HBC) announced that in 2020 it will remain committed to the principles of responsible and sustainable business, despite the challenges caused by the corona virus pandemic.

At the presentation of the 8th Report on Sustainable Business, Coca-Cola General Manager in Serbia Svetoslav Atanasov pointed out that the company managed to transform its business processes in a very short time, in the conditions of crisis, so as to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization and protect people. “We have not let down over 1,600 employees, but not the 16,000 people our entire system supports in related industries and sectors of the economy. We have also shown that we are a reliable partner for 37,000 customers and more than 7,000,000 consumers across Serbia, as well as support to the local community. which we have been working on for more than half a century and building a better future, “Atanasov said.

According to him, having in mind that the company Coca-Cola HBC was again declared the most sustainable company in the category of beverages in the world according to DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index), it has an obligation to continue diligent work, to promote and spread good practice at the level. Groups, but also at the local level.

Coca-Cola HBC Serbia has been publishing a local report on sustainable business since 2013. This year, for the first time, the report also covers the company Bambi, which in July 2019 became part of that business system.

“This is the first time we are part of such an important report, and I am very proud that Bambi has contributed to excellent results,” said Bambi CEO Dragan Stajković.

He pointed out that the complex 2020 was overcome thanks to the indisputable quality of the company’s production program, constant innovations, but also the constant improvement of relations with partners and suppliers and the readiness to respond to all market needs.

“As part of the Coca-Cola HBC family, we belong to an exceptional team since we learned a lot, and especially improved our operations in the field of sustainable business,” said Stajković.

According to the Sustainability Report, Coca-Cola HBC implemented more than 20 innovations in its products last year, while water consumption per liter of beverage produced and total energy consumption in the period from 2007 to 2020 were reduced by 53 percent.

Also, from July 2020, both Coca-Cola filling stations HBC Serbia, as well as the company Bambi, use electricity from 100 percent renewable sources.

The company invested more than 72 million dinars in the development of the local community, and the total support to the local community during the fight against the corona virus was worth 600,000 euros.

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