Bakers’ Association: Sava bread costs three dinars more, and traders ask for margins from six to eight dinars

“Sava” bread will be three dinars more expensive from tomorrow and will cost 49 dinars instead of 46, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia decided, and traders, large chains, have a six percent margin, so they are asking for several times higher, said the Union President. bakery Zoran Pralica.

We asked the Government of Serbia that the loaf of bread costs 60 dinars if the Decree on limiting the price of bread from type 500 flour is repealed and the delivery of flour from commodity reserves is stopped, and if this bylaw is extended, that bread costs from 52 to 55 dinars because the trade is blackmailing us and asking for a margin of six to eight dinars per loaf, “Pralica told Beta.

The decree on limiting the price of bread from flour type 500 expired today, and will be extended for another 90 days, but the Government of Serbia will allow the price of “sava” loaves to increase by three dinars, from 46 to 49 dinars, and flour from commodity reserves will be delivered .

According to Pralica, in this crisis, traders do not want to give up anything, but blackmail and, depending on that, determine the margin on the alleged “exposure of bread on the shelves”.

The margin for special types of bread is not six percent, but as he said, from 30 percent to 100 percent in relation to the price, depending on the type of bread.

“We can’t survive with this price of bread, not even with the new one, but we can’t stand the fight with the big retail chains over their demands with the amount of the rebate,” Pralica said.

He added that there would be a meeting of bakers and traders in two weeks in order to solve the problem of trade margins.

The laundress said that even such a high margin is not enough for stores, so they do not give money to sell bread in 30 but in 60 and 90 days.

“I am not optimistic when it comes to prices, they will grow because everything is getting more expensive. Even if the price of” sava “bread of 60 dinars was approved, it would not be profitable for a long period of time,” said Pralica.

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