Instagram starts test run with crypto art

From a technical point of view, NFTs are entries in an endlessly updated digital register, the so-called blockchain. Zuckerberg said in an interview that his company is testing NFTs on the platform and that “similar features” will soon be available on Facebook. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that a small group of US users will have the ability to view NFTs in their feed, stories and messages.

Test run to a limited extent

The details of the NFTs are displayed in a similar way to profiles and products using keywords (“tags”). Clicking on the tag reveals information such as the name of the creator and the owner. Mosseri said the test will initially be on a limited scale to allow Instagram to learn from the community. There are therefore no fees for posting or sharing the digital collectibles on Instagram. The focus is on the opportunity for creative people to earn money with NFTs. But collectors are also allowed to display their art objects.

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