Representatives of the Government of Serbia, trade unions and employers did not reach an agreement on increasing the minimum wage for 2022 at the session of the Social.Economic Council (SES) today, but each of the social partners kept their position, Beta has learned unofficially.

Representatives of the Government of Serbia, led by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali, reiterated at the SES session, which marked the end of negotiations, that for now there is no possibility to increase the minimum wage to 39,000 dinars, as demanded by UGS “Nezavisnost” and The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia (SSSS), in order to equate it with the value of the minimum consumer basket.

Since the positions of the social partners have not been harmonized, the final decision on the minimum wage will be made by the Government of Serbia by September 15.

Let us remind that the percentage increase of the “minimum”, which this year amounts to around 32,000 dinars, was announced a month before the negotiations by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, who said that the minimum wage would be 9.4 percent higher and would amount to 35,012 dinars. raise the non.taxable base from 18,300 to 19,300 dinars.

Representatives of the Ministry of Finance reiterated this proposal at the official negotiations of the working groups and specified that the employers will be relieved of duties and 0.5 percent less contributions to the Pension Fund, although they demanded that the base be raised to 26,000 and taxes and wage contributions reduced. by about one percent.

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