Volatile trading on Wall Street in an attempt to recover from three days of declines

Trading Review: Current Reports, Trends, Indices, Stocks, Bonds, Forex and Commodities and Analyst Recommendations


After deleting the gains in the opening and moving to the declines the leading indices return to green territory. The Dow is up 0.3%, the Nasdaq is up 2% and the S&P 500 is up 1%.

Gold weakened: A June delivery contract fell 0.9 percent, to $ 17.6, and closed at $ 1,841 an ounce.


The day of trading on the European stock exchanges closed on a positive trend: in Frankfurt the DAX rose 1.1%, in London the Potsy 100 advanced 0.3% and in Paris Cuck 40 it strengthened by 0.5%. The pan-European Stokes 600 added 0.8%.

In New York, trading is on a mixed trend: the Nasdaq is up 0.5%, the Dow is down 0.4% and the S&P 500 is stable.


Trading has changed trend and the leading indices are down by 0.2%. The declines in oil have intensified and stand at more than 1% and gold is also trading in a negative trend.


An hour after opening, gains have weakened but trading maintains a positive trend: the Nasdaq is up 1.8%, the Dow is up 1.2% and the S&P 500 is up 1%.

At the top of the Dow, Microsoft and Chevron are up 2.4%, Apple is up 2.1% and Salesforce is advancing at a similar rate.


Day trading on Wall Street opened with gains after three days of declines. Dow Jones Rises 1.5%, index NASDAQ Jumps 2.7% and index S&P 500 Strengthens 1.9%.

Among the stocks that focus interest: Cruise Company Norway jumps 8%, Cisco jumps 7%, Disney advances 3%, Palo Alto strengthens 5%, Microsoft jumps 2.6% and Apple 2.5%.

The 10-year US government bond yield falls below 3%. The dollar is stable against the currency basket, against the Japanese yen, the pound sterling and the euro.

In the commodity arena, Brent oil weakened 0.4% and traded around $ 105 a barrel, WTI oil shed 0.3% to $ 102 a barrel and gold strengthened 0.2% to $ 1,861 an ounce.

Of Israeliness after the reports: Rada is cut by 19%, Playtica, LivePerson and Sapiens retreat by about 0.5%.

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Gaming Playtica will end 2022 with a 5.7% growth in revenue but with a 4.3% decline in adjusted EBITDA (profit excluding interest, tax, depreciation and amortization), according to the company’s forecast alongside the quarterly reports. The rate of revenue growth will be lower than the growth recorded in 2020 and was 8.9%. Revenue in 2022 will be $ 2.73 billion and adjusted EBITDA will be $ 940 million.

Playtica posted 5.9% growth in the first quarter compared to the same quarter last year to $ 677 million. Operating income decreased by 7.6% to about $ 120 million, but a decrease in financial expenses led to a 133% increase in net profit, which amounted to $ 83.2 million. Adjusted EBITDA totaled $ 221 million, down from $ 258 million in the same quarter last year and its share of revenue was 32.6%, compared to 40.4%.

“We have shown strong quarterly growth as a result of our ongoing efforts to improve and refine our monetization program, and increase player retention,” said CEO and Founder Robert Antokol.


European trading continues on a positive trend, with gains of 0.6% to 1.5% in the leading stock indices. Dax is up 1.3%, Potsey is up 0.6%. Contracts on Wall Street are also green, while in the bond market yields are falling. The 10-year bond yield is falling below 3%, to a rate of 2.99%.

Rada The Dual released its first quarter results and is down 16% in early trading. Reported revenue of $ 22.5 million (a decrease of 11% compared to the same quarter last year) and a net loss of $ 0.7 million (compared to a net profit of $ 3.8 million last year). Approves Company $ 140 million Revenue for 2022.

GodBitcoin Still trading down around $ 31.5 thousand. Itai Avnery, Deputy CEO of INX Digital Asset Trading Company, says that “The fact that Bitcoin’s volatility is in line with traditional financial assets in the current market situation is proof that Bitcoin is a full-fledged asset. Therefore, when the pension and institutional funds return to the market or see the market at a future point, they will understand that it is time to go back in and thus see the cryptocurrencies as legitimate, certainly when the regulation becomes clear. “


Sapiens , Which provides software solutions to the insurance world, has signed a strategy contract with Altshuler Shaham Investment House, under which the investment house will implement the Topaz platform for managing the pension portfolio. According to market estimates, the scope of the contract is about NIS 8-10 million.

Culture Soared in late trading after the publication of first quarter reports, and after falling to a low in recent days and losing 86% since the IPO last summer. Kaltura is a provider of video management systems, sold to business organizations and media companies. In the first quarter, its revenue grew 11% to $ 41.7 million, above analysts’ expectations of $ 40.1 million. The ARR figure (annual recurring revenue) increased by 15% to about $ 148 million. The bottom line was a $ 11 million non-GAAP net loss of 9 cents a share, while analysts expected a 11 cents loss per share. Adjusted EBITDA was negative at $ 8.4 million. Cultura expects revenue of $ 173.3-178.2 million this year, an increase of 5% -8% compared to 2021, with negative adjusted EBITDA of $ 27-32 million.


The positive trend in European stock exchanges and contract trading continues. Nasdaq contracts are up 1.3%, with technology giants recording 1% -3% gains in early trading.

The fintech company Startup Submarines by almost 50% pre-trade after publishing quarterly reports last night. The company lived up to expectations, but provided a weak forecast for the current quarter that revenues will be $ 300 million – a figure about 10% lower than market forecasts. The profit forecast is also lower than estimated. LivePerson The Israeli, which fell by 13.5% yesterday, jumped 12% ahead of the reports it published (see update from this morning).

In the crypto market, Bitcoin is trading down 5% to around $ 31.3 thousand. El Salvadoran president Naive Bokla tweeted that the country took advantage of the sharp decline yesterday and bought 500 coins for $ 30.7 thousand – an investment of about $ 15.4 million.


The digital insurance company Lemonade Ended the first quarter of the year with revenue of $ 44.3 million, up 89% from the same quarter last year and higher than analysts’ forecasts. The company reported a record premium (IFP), a 66% increase to $ 419 million, and expects the premiums to be $ 535-545 million by the end of the year (thanks in part to the acquisition of Metromail). The quarterly net loss increased from $ 49 million in the corresponding quarter to $ 74.8 million in the first quarter of 2022, and EBITDA (profit excluding interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) was negative by $ 57.4 million, an increase over the corresponding quarter mainly due to increased operating expenses , In particular marketing and R&D advertising expenses, but an improved figure relative to forecasts.

After falling to a low of $ 18.4 (58% lower than the issue price on the Nasdaq about a year and a half ago), the stock Jay Frog Climbed in late trading by 7% after publishing its first quarter reports. The company, which provides a solution that allows continuous software updates, topped analysts’ forecasts in the top tier when it grew by 41% and recorded revenue of $ 63.7 million, while at the same time presenting a bottom line balance ($ 158,000 non-GAAP net income of 0 cents per share). For forecasts.

In the second quarter, the company expects revenue of $ 65-66 million and a non-GAAP net loss of 3-4 cents per share, and for the entire year the forecast is for revenue of $ 276.5-278.5 million, with a bottom line loss of one cent per share to a profit of one cent per share. The annual profit forecast is higher than the analysts’ forecast. At Oppenheimer, the target price for Jay Frog shares was reduced from $ 45 to $ 37 in line with the decline in growth company multipliers, but remained on a positive recommendation, noting the high growth rate in the quarter along with continued pressure on profit margins.


The positive trend in Europe continues. The DAX is up 1.5%, the French Kak is up 1.2% and the British Pottery is up 0.9%. The Swedish stock index in Stockholm rose sharply, by 2.8%. This is in light of a sharp jump of 24% in the tobacco group’s share Swedish Match In light of negotiations for a $ 16 billion acquisition (including debt) by the competitor Philip Morris .

Wall Street contracts continue to rise 0.8% to 1.6%. The 10-year bond yield drops by 5 points to 3.2%.

The Hong Kong Hong Kong Index closed down 1.9%, led by energy and technology stocks. Petrochina fell 4.3%, Shiomi shed 2.5% and Alibaba fell 4.8%. On the other hand, Lenovo strengthened by close to 3%.


Trading on the European stock exchanges opened with a strong positive trend, with the leading stock indices climbing at rates of 1% to 1.5%. Euro Stokes 50 The European rule is up 1.3%Stokes 600 At 1%.

Significant increases are recorded by the airlines and in them Wiz Air , EasyJt and-IAG The British. Prominent in Frankfurt Volkswagen Which increases by 2%.

Trading on Wall Street contracts is up 0.7% to 1.5%.

In the background, China’s trading closed up Shanghai Advanced by 1% and Shenzhen by 1.4%. In Hong Kong, where trading is still taking place (after the stock market closed yesterday), the index is down 1.5%. measure Nike In Tokyo it closed down 0.6%.


Most Asian stock markets are down today, led by the Hang Seng Index, which fell close to 3%. In Tokyo, the Nikkei is down 0.9%. This, after another day of sharp declines in New York yesterday.

Trading in US stock market indices is up 0.8%, and the yield on 10-year US government bonds is down to 3.4%.

As mentioned, in New York, trading week opened yesterday with sharp declines: Towards the close, the Nasdaq crashed close to 5% but finally closed with a decline of 4.3%, the S&P 500 with 3.2% and the Dow Jones with 2%.

In Hong Kong, high-tech stocks are leading the declines. Tencent is down 3.7% and Alibaba is down 6%.

In the commodity trading arena, there are declines in oil contracts. Brent crude is down 1.2% to $ 104.6 and WTI is trading around $ 101.8 a barrel.

The price of gold is up slightly to $ 1,863 an ounce. Bitcoin is changing direction after several days of sharp declines and rising to $ 31,300.

LivePerson Tonight reported a net loss of about $ 65 million in the first quarter of the year, compared to a loss of about $ 21 million in the same quarter last year. The company’s revenues increased by 21% compared to the corresponding quarter and amounted to $ 130 million. The company expects 2022 to end with revenue of $ 545-563 million.

Ofco Health Reported a loss of about $ 55 million in the first quarter, compared to a profit of $ 31 million in the same quarter last year.

Today, Rada, Playtica and SimilarWeb are expected to report, on Wednesday ICC, Faber and Kornit, on Thursday Nice, Kamtech, Nova and Ormed.

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