After 20 years, Apple is retiring the iPod: the iconic music player will no longer be produced

Apple will eventually retire the iPod after 20 years. The legendary music player will be available for purchase while stocks last, according to the American technology corporation, but no new units will be produced after that. For music fans, the device will always be iconic.

The iPod was released in October 2001 by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who died in 2011. MP3 players from a variety of brands were already on the market at the time, allowing music fans to take their favorite songs with them wherever they went. However, those items had little recall at the time. With a memory of 5GB, the iPod launched a revolution. Apple guaranteed at the time that this would be enough for a thousand songs. The iPod became extremely popular, especially when combined with the iTunes Store, which allowed users to legally download music.

The device has only grown in importance over time. Because of the massive internal memory, the iPod Classic, especially the version with the control wheel, became legendary and a must-have for music aficionados. The smaller iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle tried to replicate the success, but they were less popular. The classic iPod was discontinued in 2014, followed by the Nano and Shuffle in 2017. What was left was the iPod Touch, the iPhone’s forerunner with its touchscreen. It was upgraded in 2019, but it is now no longer available.

Apple anticipates that its other, more expensive goods will supplant the iPod. Apple’s latest iPods are currently priced at at least 238.35 euros. The iPhone SE, the latest iteration of the cheapest iPhone, costs at least 530.20 euros.

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