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The indices of the Kuwait Stock Exchange declined in yesterday’s trading session due to an expansion in selling operations witnessed since the beginning of this week’s trading on the impact of exchange operations aimed at reaping quick profits, including most shares in all sectors. during yesterday’s session.

The Saudi market led the losses of the Gulf markets by 2.2%, followed by the Bahrain market with 1.9%, then the Kuwait market with 1.09%, followed by the Abu Dhabi market with 0.9%, then the Dubai market with 0.7%, while the Muscat and Qatar market decreased by 0.47% each who are they.

Returning to the Kuwait Stock Exchange, it was evident that the first market index was the most vulnerable to decline due to the selling operations that affected many of the shares listed in it, especially the banking ones, which witnessed remarkable price increases during the period prior to the disclosures of the results of the first quarter, which came with a growth of 51% compared to the same period of last year.

In light of the expansion in selling operations and the decline in the prices of many shares in all sectors, the market value of the Kuwait Stock Exchange at the end of yesterday’s session lost more than half a billion dinars, which constitutes 1% of the total, as the value stabilized at 49.017 billion dinars, down from 49.527 billion dinars the day before yesterday.

On the other hand, the liquidity flowing into the market increased by 22.5%, with a total of 75.8 million dinars, up from 61.9 million dinars in Monday’s session. 0.94%, followed by a share with a liquidity of 9 million dinars, and a decline of 0.6%, followed by the share of Agility, which acquired 6.2 million dinars, and the stock fell by 1.8%, and Zain’s share acquired 3.7 million dinars and decreased by 1.8%.

The volume of traded shares increased by 7.5%, with 245.5 million shares traded, up from 228.5 million shares. The indices of 8 sectors declined by the end of yesterday’s session, led by Etisalat, by 1.8%, while the indices of 3 sectors, led by insurance, rose by 0.29%.

At the level of indices, the first market lost 101 points, or 1.09%, to decline to 9232 points, while the main market index fell by 0.8%, losing 53 points, to reach 6474 points, and the general market index fell by 1.03%, losing 86 points, to fall to 8301 points.

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