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Trade in Europe is currently in a mixed trend. Kak is down 0.3%, but Potsey and Dax are up 0.1%. Stokes 600 is down 0.1%. Heng Seng closed down 0.7%.


Trading on European stock markets opened this morning in declines. Kak loses 0.4%, Dax is down 0.2% and Potsey is trading unchanged. The Stokes 600 was down 0.2%. Wall Street futures signal gains in trading openings.

Asian trade closed with a mixed trend. Nikkei jumped 2.1%, Kospi climbed 0.8% and ASX 200 added 0.5%, while Shanghai weakened 0.4%. Heng Seng is now down 0.9%.

Shares of Japanese corporation JFE Holdings jumped 6.5%, and shares of Fanuc rose 3.5%.


Trading on the Asian stock markets is taking place this morning in a mixed trend. The Japanese Nikkei jumps 1.9% following reports that Prime Minister Yoshihida Soga will not run in the September 29 election for the ruling party’s leadership. This means that he is expected to retire by the end of the month.

Cospi and ASX 200 are up 0.7%, Heng Seng is down 0.5% and Shanghai is down 0.2%.

Oil traded down this morning with a slight drop of 0.2% to $ 69.8. Bitcoin is up 0.4% to $ 49.6 thousand.

At 15:30, the unemployment rate for August will be published in August, which is expected to be 5.2%. In addition, there will also be a change in the number of employed in the private (non.agricultural) sector in August, and an increase of 665,000 employed is expected.

Shares of Japanese corporation JFE Holdings are up 5.8%, and shares of Fanuc are up 3%.

New York Day traded higher yesterday: the Dow Jones was up nearly 0.4%, the S&P 500 was up 0.3% and the Nasdaq was up 0.1%. 0.1% while the DAX index is in place.

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