Positive trend in markets: Rises in Asia and Europe, Bitcoin is recovering and soaring

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Trading on European stock markets opened in a positive trend: the German DAX rose 0.5%, the French Kak advanced 0.7% and so did the British Pottery. The pan-European Euro Stokes 50 is also rising at a similar rate.

Deutsche Bank Rises in Frankfurt by about 1.5%, and so does Henkel, SAP And infinion rise. On the other hand, significant declines are recorded forVolkswagen , Adidas And soup. In London centers of interest BP Lloyds, HSBC, Tesco and the airline that owns British Airways, IAG .

Meanwhile, the rises in Asia continue and the Heng Seng index jumps by 2.4% and in China the rises also strengthened, so that the Shanghai index climbed by about 1%.

In the commodity market, there are increases of about 1% in contracts for crude oil while gold is stable. In the virtual currency trading arena, the positive trend continues and Bitcoin is trading around $ 30.4 thousand.


Trading in Tokyo ended with a strong 2.6% rise in the Nikkei index. Softbank jumped nearly 12%, Z Holdings rose 1.2%, Rakoten jumped 7% and Kobe Steel added 4.2%.

In the futures trading arena on Wall Street, the trend is still strong and the contracts on Nasdaq are jumping by 1.5%. The 10-year bond yield is advancing to 2.89%.

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GodBitcoin Continues to recover and jumps 13% to a level of 30.3 thousand dollars. It is still about 15% lower than a week ago (and close to 60% of the record it set in November, when it reached $ 67,000).


Trading on the Asian stock markets is taking place this morning with strong price gains. measure Nike In Tokyo jumps 2.5%, Hang Seng Jumps 1.8%, Shanghai Adds 0.5%, South Korea’s cosplay rises 1.7% and the Australian Sydney Index rises 1.6%.

At the top of the Japanese index is the financial corporation Softbank, which jumped by 11.6%, but this after falling 8% yesterday after the reports and completing five consecutive days of declines. Carmaker Nissan is down 2.8%, Casio is down 15%. In Hong Kong, there are beautiful increases for technology companies. Shiomi is up 5%, Alibaba is up 2.8%, Maitouan is up 4.3% and Tencent is up 3%. In Seoul, Samsung is climbing 2%.

After a mixed lock last night on Wall Street, futures contracts are green and contracts on the Nasdaq are up 1.4%. Yesterday Dow Jones Lost 0.3%, S&P 500 Decreased by 0.1% andNASDAQ Climb 0.1%. In the bond trading arena, yields are rising nicely. The ten-year US government bond yield is up 7 points to 2.88%, and the two-year bond yield is up 6 points to 2.58%.

Today, data on the consumer price index in France will be published. According to forecasts, the index rose by 0.4% in April, so that inflation reached an annual rate of 4.8%.

In the commodity market, there are increases of about 1.5% in crude oil prices, and Brent rises to $ 109.2 per barrel. Gold is up 0.2% and the price of an ounce is rising to $ 1,825.

In the crypto market, there was a nice recovery this morning, and Bitcoin jumped 7.5% and again its price rises above $ 30,000. Heather jumped 5.5 percent to $ 2,080. Increases in double-digit rates are recorded in small currencies such as Ripple, DogeCoin, Cardano, Solana and Avalanche. The terra-luna continues with the total crash and its value is nil. At its peak about two months ago, the price of the Luna coin reached $ 115.

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