Sloga: Kragujevac workers must not be treated as slaves to work in Europe
The United Trade Unions of Serbia “Sloga” announced today that they oppose “the intentions of the state and irresponsible current authorities to deceive the workers of Kragujevac’s Fiat with non-transparent offers to work in factories in Slovakia, Poland, Italy and Germany.”“We oppose the treatment of Kragujevac workers as slaves for the European market of automobile companies. That is why, as a trade union, we will support workers and those trade union organizations that are ready to defend dignity in all types of workers’ struggle,” Sloga said.

As it was stated, such “blackmails of workers” were not hinted at or defined during the recent meeting of the representatives of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, with the company “Stelantis” and the agreement on the production of a new model of electric car.

“The state must provide Fiat workers with an adequate social program until the start of production of the new model, paid leave, minimum wage, and pay satisfactory severance pay for those who will not wait for the start of new production,” the union said.

As they stated, the state is obliged to do that, because it will “fat” subsidize the new project of electric car production.

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