Ivanka Trump became one of the most surveyed women in the mako celebs system while her father was in the White House, but even now, months after she left – we are happy to tell you about the exploits of the former president’s daughter. When Ivanka was photographed in tights in training with her eldest daughter – she looked just amazing

About nine months have passed since the Trump family for generations broke up with the White House and began a new chapter in Florida. Since then we have been trying to keep track of the most surveyed presidential family in the history of mako celebs, who have not stopped intriguing us not even for a moment, and this week the paparazzi photographers caught Onka training with her youngest daughter.

Ivanka, 39, was photographed at the height of an athletic walk with her eldest daughter, Arbella (10). The stunning Ivanka wore light blue tights with a super flattering white top, large light blue sunglasses and sneakers with purple socks. Sweet Arbela wore tights and a light blue cloud print shirt, and on her head she wore a pink hat. The beautiful Ivanka scattered happy smiles everywhere and would look at her peak, which was really nothing new to us because we make sure to tell you about all of her perfect paparazzi we get.

The last time we told you about Ivanka’s exploits was last May, then The former president’s daughter took her three children to a private surfing class in Miami, and paparazzi photographers were waiting for her on the beach. Although we have already won See her in a bikini Overwhelmingly, Ivanka got on a surfing suit that would not embarrass the best surfers, and tried very hard to stay on the blue surfboard she was given. On one attempt, while her young son was lying on his own surfboard, Ivanka entered with the long plank in the son’s face – which distorted his face in pain along with his shocked mother. Still perfect.

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