Pernille Nygaard has known Sidney Lee for several years and she can not understand at all that he is dead
Pernille Nygaard was hit hard when she got the sad news. Photo: Emil Agerskov

The reality world was hit by a shock on Monday night when Sidney Lee died at the age of 43.

One of those who can not understand the untimely death at all is Pernille Nygaard, who has lived several TV shows with him.

– I just found out, she cries when Ekstra Bladet gets hold of her on Monday night.

– I sit and write on my master’s thesis, so I have not turned on the net because I have to concentrate. So it was my boss who came and told me that, says Pernille Nygaard, who next to her law degree works at a law firm.

She tells how she reacted to the sad news.

– I am really sorry. I last met Sidney at the Reality Awards. I knew him pretty well. He was one of those from the industry I got to know first. That was when we made ‘Divas in the Jungle’, says Pernille Nygaard and says that she and many others will miss Sidney Lee because he was always so sweet and fun to be with.

– He taught me to care about what others think and say about me. When people said I was stupid, I should just not care, she says.

Sidney Lee turned 43 years old. Photo: Anthon Unger
Sidney Lee turned 43 years old. Photo: Anthon Unger

It is a clearly affected Pernille Nygaard that Ekstra Bladet talks to.

– He was so proud of me. Proud that I had come this far with my education, she says and collapses.

– There was nothing evil created in him. He will really be missed by many, she says as she can speak again.

The details of his death are not yet known.

According to Ekstra Bladet’s information, the police were present when Sidney Lee lost her life. When such incidents occur, the case will always be investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Authority (DUP).

– I can confirm that today a case has been transferred to the Independent Police Complaints Authority. I can not add further, says Martin Kajberg, duty officer at the Copenhagen Police to Ekstra Bladet.

He turned 43 years old.

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