Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are the hottest couple around, and now, while they are spending a dream vacation in Italy, they are doing everything to prove to us that they are not in love with them. Is it going for them? Of course it is

There is no couple we like to tell you more about than Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. The two launched their thirsty relationship last April, and since then they have been showing off their happy relationship at every opportunity. Now, while spending a dream vacation in Italy, they manage to break even their own records.

Courtney and Travis are spending the past week on a pampering vacation in boot country, and after just yesterday (Sunday) we told you about the tiny swimsuit Courtney wore to a hot flirtation with her partner, this morning they managed to break the tabloids overseas with other levels of heat.

The fiery couple moved to the Italian coastal town of Amalfi, and one day they decided to go sailing in a cute little boat. The two began the voyage in each other’s arms, and at its peak they were already completely integrated with each other when Courtney boarded her partner and kissed him rather hotly. The two then boarded a luxury yacht they had rented, and spent the rest of the day in tiny swimsuits kissing and hugging non-stop. I wish we had such a relationship.

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