After the birth of their daughter Lilith Diana, sources close to Prince Harry and Megan Merkel say there has been a kind of compromise in the strained relationship between them and the royal family. “The Queen was the first to call her after the birth”

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After a tumultuous year of bites, accusations and a super-mediated and drama-filled interview, it can be said that Prince Harry and Megan Merkel’s relationship with the British royal family is not at their best. “It’s no secret that for the past year Harry and Megan have been at war with the royal family,” as a source told Us Weekly. “Not everything is forgiven, but after the backlash to interviews, which, by the way, the couple does not regret, they make every effort to maintain a good relationship with the queen in order to maintain peace at home.”

A major event that apparently changed the couple’s point of view was the birth of their daughter, the daughter of Diana, named after Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, and the childhood nickname of Queen Elizabeth. The Queen was the first to hear about Megan’s second pregnancy, and also the first to receive a phone call after giving birth.

In response to a BBC report claiming the queen had never been asked about the name to be given to the baby, a spokesman for the couple said: “The duke spoke to his family prior to the official announcement, in fact his great-grandmother was the first to call her. During this conversation he shared with her his hopes of naming the baby Lilith in her honor. If she did not support the idea, they would not call it that. ‘

Now that the baby has been born healthy and intact, Harry and Megan’s attention is diverted from the newspaper headlines back into the family. A friend of the couple told People magazine that since giving birth Megan has been “in a good mood, she’s glamorous. She was ready for this baby! ‘ After an abortion last summer that caused her great grief, Megan also wanted to enjoy this pregnancy in private: “They wanted to have a moment for themselves.”

As for how the couple gets along on the west coast of the United States, the source said that “Montecito is very quiet and perfect for them. They are close to the sea, and they also have friends in the neighborhood that they hang out with. They are often at home with Archie, but also managed to get some “For them. It feels like their first real home together, because they were able to find a home that they both liked. It’s fun to see them enjoy life.”

Prior to Lilibth’s birth, Megan enrolled two-year-old Archie in the daycare for a few days a week. The source said: ‘He’s big enough to have a life of his own. He enjoys the daycare and outdoor games. ‘ Now that Lilith has joined the family, the source concludes: ‘They are happy. The baby strengthens the roots they are beating here in the United States. It’s like a new page, a new beginning. ‘

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