“Kenya admits he’s a fan of kicks. Kim is humiliated”

Last week Kenya West released his tenth album and caused quite a stir in the entertainment world. In one of the songs on the album, Kenya confessed that he betrayed Beck after they were parents to two, and now people close to the star are revealing what happened behind the scenes.

“It was no secret that Kenya betrayed Kim after Snate was born. In a column in ‘The Life of Pablo,’ he confessed to his crew that he was lying with other women behind Kim’s back,” an acquaintance told the star.Sun”.” He said he was a fan of fans and went into insane details about what went on there. It was very graphic and his language was not real. Everyone who knows him well sat there and laughed in his absence. Everyone was in shock. Nobody believed he would say such fractures in front of everyone. ”

As you may recall, Kenya has spoken many times before about dealing with manic depression, and the insider claimed that the same conversation took place at the height of a manic attack. “It seemed like he was in mania, and right after that he started talking to people about nonsense. They tried to calm him down, but he was out of control. It was heartbreaking to see it from the side, because he seemed to be in a very bad place and he needed help. Everyone felt bad. “For Kim, but some people thought she might know he was with others. When Kenya talked about it, he didn’t seem to be able to hide it from her for long.”

Another acquaintance who spoke with the American Sun reported that Kim tried to get Kenya not to sing about the betrayal in question, and from the moment the song came out with the original lyrics she felt “humiliated”. “Kim begged Kenya not to put the line on the infidelity. She asked him more than once and he refused, and when the song came out she was furious. Her children hear these songs and North is her dad’s number one fan. The fact that she hears her dad admits he cheated In her mother after she was born fucked in Kim’s eyes. ”

The insider added that Kim “knew it would be hard to convince the stubborn Kenya to change the words, but this is not the first time Kim got into a dispute with Kenya. She cried and begged, but it did not help. He thinks it’s the best thing for their family ‘because he stands “Behind his actions, but she experiences it as pure humiliation. She will not talk about him in public because she respects him as the father of her children, but it would be nice if he started showing her the same respect as the mother of his children.”

“Expect to see the same degree of respect.” Kim Kardashian, Kenya West and the kids | Photo: From Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page

As you may recall, when the album was released last week, people close to Kim toldPage Six Because the betrayal in question was not the straw that broke Kim’s back, and after those betrayals she and Kenya gave birth to two more children. The song is Kenya’s testimony to everything he did wrong in their relationship, “the insider said.” Kenya takes responsibility for the breakup of their marriage. “Looking deeper at the words, one can recognize that Kenya is talking about his infidelity in connection with Kim, even after they had two children.”

Throughout the song Kenya sings about the apparent reason for the breakup, admitting he betrayed Beck while they were parents to two. “Here I’m acting like I’m too rich, here I am with a new girl. I know what your truth is, still playing after two kids. It’s a lot to digest when your life is always moving.” A source close to Kenya confirmed toPage Six Because the “new girl” is not Irina Shake, with whom Kenya has been dating for the past two months.

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