The director of the Madrid Book Fair, Manuel Gil, has assured that, despite the sanitary limitations, in this new edition of the literary event they will remain the signatures with the authors and there may even be ‘selfies’, although “at a distance”.

The Madrid Book Fair will open on September 10 and for 17 days the famous Madrid booths will occupy a part of the Retiro Park, although with differences compared to other years. There will be a capacity limitation to 75% or the reduction of the space from 1,400 meters to about 500, in addition to the mandatory use of the mask, the maintenance of the safety distance or the preference for payment by card.

“The fair is very similar in terms of programming, exhibitors and magnitudes compared to the fairs of 2019 and previous years. The only situation that is not the same is the capacity control, since before two million people were counted in 17 days and now it will not be possible, “the director of the fair, Manuel, has pointed out in an interview with Europa Press. Gil.

Thus, the fair will take place in the Retiro Car Ride, with a fence and a register for capacity control. The maximum allowed will be 3,900 people inside the enclosure, so the organization estimates to reach around 30,000 or 35,000 visitors. “It’s a really high figure“, Gil has qualified.

The booths will also be reduced, although not excessively, from 361 in 2019 to 320 this year. The budget for the start-up is more than 1.6 million euros And, as of today, the number of confirmed authors already exceeds 1,000, although the organization expects to reach 1,500 – in 2019 there were 1,800 authors.

In any case, Gil has ruled out the possibility of “huge” queues forming for author signatures. “A queue with, say, 300 people waiting is not foreseeable, because there is an almost direct relationship between the capacity and the queue. If you have 35,000 people, it can be trained, but if you have 3,900, 1% is 39 people, “he added.

For this reason, he has affirmed that there will be an “absolute normality” and “it is not necessary to lose the calm”. This edition has been called the “reunion fair”, which will be held coinciding with the general de-escalation that is occurring in all sectors, and with the aim that in 2022 it can be held in a “normalized” manner.

In any case, Gil has confirmed that “there is no possibility” that the fair will return to September next year. “In 2022 it will start again on the last Friday of May: it is proven that they are the best dates and there are a lot of reasons that justify returning to them“, it is finished.

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