Prince Harry and Megan Merkel are causing quite a stir in the British public, and a new poll shows that they are mostly negative. According to “YouGov”, Prince Harry and Megan Merkel have reached an all-time low in their affection index among the British public, after a tumultuous year to say the least

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Not an easy year has passed for Prince Harry and Megan Merkel, who left the royal family, settled in Los Angeles, and have since managed to upset the British and the palace more than once or twice. Now the British “YouGov” group, which publishes daily polls on burning issues in the UK, has examined the public’s love index for the rebellious royal couple, and the results are rather dismal.

According to the latest survey they conducted, which was answered by 1,667 Britons from girls ’ages to retirement age, 26 per cent of the British public like Megan Merkel, while 65 per cent stated they did not. With Prince Harry the situation is a little more glamorous, with 34 per cent declaring their affection for the prince, alongside 59 per cent claiming he has no place in their hearts. The ranking of the two places them at an all-time low in the affection index of the British public, which has fallen relative to the two since last March.

As a reminder, in March the former royal couple talked to Oprah Winfrey, and for 90 minutes took all the dirty laundry out of the palace and the royal family. Since that interview, Prince’s rating has dropped by 25 points, and Megan’s rating by just nine points.

At the same time, Prince Harry and Megan Merkel can breathe a sigh of relief: despite the dismal ranking, Harry and Megan are not the least beloved royalty in the palace, but Prince Andrew. 83 per cent of the British public stated that they did not like the prince, who had difficult problems to say the least with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and recently also suffered a lawsuit from one of the complainants, in which he allegedly harmed while a minor. On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth received a positive rating of 80, with the vast majority of the public declaring that they love her, and Prince William and Kate Middleton also received ratings 78 and 75 in the affection index.

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