A request was submitted to the Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday for approval of a class action lawsuit against the Burger King Israel chain, claiming that the branch in the Azrieli Mall in Hod Hasharon presents itself as kosher, but in practice it is not. The case that led to the lawsuit is that of a religious man who ordered a cheeseburger at the chain’s Hod Hasharon branch that is supposed to be kosher, in light of the fact that the sign reads so.

The applicant explained to Tomo that it was vegan cheese, since the Burger King Hod Hasharon branch is a kosher branch. When he bit into this burger it felt too real which made him wonder about the quality of the cheese imitation, as the taste was similar to regular cheese. The applicant asked at the sales counter how they manage to produce such a similar taste, and was told that it was regular cheese. The applicant, a religious man, was shocked. It was further clarified to him that the branch was kosher but is no longer such. The applicant felt great frustration and anger at not eating kosher and specifically meat with milk.

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