The Prime Minister’s illegitimate son became mayor
Helle Virkner made illegitimate Krag son a family member. Peter Hansted was created by what was called a non-marital relationship between Jens Otto Krag and a hospital laboratory technician. He was, in the eyes of the day, an illegitimate child in small conditions

Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag, Helle Virkner and the couple’s two joint children, Søsser Krag and Jens Christian Krag. Photo: Christen Hansen

Matador’s Elisabeth, Helle Virkner, was married to Jens Otto Krag for 14 years, and as a result Prime Minister’s wife on several occasions, but even though Krag and Virkner themselves had children, she made sure that Peter, Krag’s illegitimate son, was treated as a family member. , and the current mayor of Ærø will not forget that.

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