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Paula Hawkins, the bestseller writer ‘The girl on the train’ and that he publishes his new suspense novel in Spain ‘To simmer’ (Planet) believes that “everyone is capable of killing, but not planning it so much.“

Everyone might be able to kill in very extreme circumstances, but not everyone would be able to plan it.“, has affirmed Hawkins in a meeting with the press. ‘A Calf Slow’ will have an initial print run of more than 250,000 copies and, in addition, Columna Ediciones will publish its version in Catalan.

After the success of ‘The girl on the train’, something that the author describes as “wonderful and tough and tired “, his new novel hits bookstores, where the discovery of the body of a young man murdered on a London houseboat triggers suspicions about three women.

Writing about women is something that comes naturally to me, because I am a woman and I am interested in their position in society– I wouldn’t mind writing from a male point of view, but I can think of more stories with women. I’m not saying it’s more interesting, but I’m more interested in it, it comes out like this, “the writer clarifies.

‘A slow fire’ arises from two ideas. The first, the appearance of the character: “A young girl had an accident, I grabbed it and changed it a bit– It has a setback and as a result suffers something extra that makes it more difficult, because it has no filter and loses its roles. I’m interested in what it is for her because she feels judged “Paula adds.

The second idea, the location: “I was walking through Regent’s, seeing the streets and the canal, and you wonder who can live there with so much dirt, there can be everything there “, stresses. In this sense, Hawkins points out that London is a city with a “very rich” history that inspires it, and underlines that the city in the 18th century was “the capital of crime”, where today if you walk through its streets and alleys you you can imagine many stories.

A common feature in her novels is the marginalization of the character, as the writer has stated: “I tend to talk about people who are outside, who are not happy with a less than perfect life, I am interested in the effect it has. If you are a person who does not fit into society, see how you react. It tells me how different life is, and how it can change the way you see the world. “

On the other hand, the author herself has emphasized that all the characters she creates “have a little bit of herself” and that her stories have a realism embodied but not driven to madness. In addition, with regard to her creation process, she informs that she needs to know the end of her novels but that the “in.between” does not plan it, since “there would be no surprises” for her. “TO I am fascinated by unraveling, how the person has reached that point, and that is the part that attracts me, that captivates me. Try to understand how a person deals with drama. The satisfaction and interest is to understand the subtlety of how a person has made that decision, and these errors seem to me an inexhaustible source of fascination, “says Hawkins.


In 2016 the film adaptation of ‘The Girl on the Train’, a film directed by Tate Taylor– The author has communicated that she liked the adaptation, but that she understands the disappointment of some readers since the film was set in New York, not London. Still, rate that, “things were done well” because they maintained that darkness that his book has. To which he adds, “the book is still there, more adaptations can be made.“

Paula has pointed out that the gap between author and director is very large when it comes to interpretationsThat is why he does not write thinking of bringing his story to the big screen. But he clarifies that on several occasions, when he is writing a scene, he thinks: “this is quite cinematic.“

Regarding the creation of an adaptation of his new novel ‘A fuego slowly’, he assures that “there is nothing on the table” but that he would love to see a film adaptation. “I think the world has changed since ‘The Girl on the Train’ was made, now there are more series. I hope it happens, there is nothing raised“, emphasizes the writer.

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