Angel Schlesser, National Fashion Award

Angel Schlesser has been awarded the National Fashion Design Award, corresponding to the year 2022, at the proposal of the jury meeting this Monday, May 23. This prize, awarded annually by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, It is endowed with 30,000 euros.

The jury recognized Ángel Schlesser for “the complete artistic and entrepreneurial career of a Spanish creator who consolidated a certain aesthetic to make it internationally recognizable, with pure and innovative lines“.

In addition, the jury has pointed out that “her work describes an attention to professional and contemporary women, which is an example for the young generations of designers”.

The National Fashion Design Award rewards the meritorious work of the winner through a work that, in this creative field, has been made public during 2021 or, in duly motivated cases, a complete professional trajectory over time.

The Jury was chaired by Adriana Moscoso del Prado Hernández, General Director of Cultural Industries, Intellectual Property and Cooperation; and Carlo Penna Gómez, deputy director general for the Promotion of Cultural Industries, acted as vice president. Helena López de Hierro D’Aubarede, director of the Costume Museum, acted as members. Ethnological Heritage Research Center (CIPE).

Antonio Alvarado Almarcha, 2021 National Fashion Design Award; Natalia Bengoechea Navarrete, trend specialist and artistic director of Madrid Es Moda; Héctor Jareño Amieva, designer and specialist curator; María José Soler Cera, journalist and writer specializing in fashion, Andrés Aberasturi Páez, designer, businessman and fashion specialist; and Maria Ángeles López Fernández Cao, a specialist in fashion and research from a gender perspective.

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