At age 56: Paulina Poritskova bombs a bikini

Paulina Poritskova has become one of the favorite models of girlfriends and members of the – celebs system, and we try to tell you every time she makes our jaw reach the floor. After bold nude photos and stunning gates, Paulina does it again – this time, in a bikini


I do not know if you noticed, but we in the – celebs system were based (to say the least) on the beautiful supermodel, Paulina Poritskova. The 56.year.old model admires one of the most intriguing Instagram pages on the net, to which she uploads quite a few perfect photos of herself as she celebrates the sixth decade of her life, and now she is doing it again.

The stunning model was photographed in a small black bikini with her body anointed with tanning oil. Paulina leaned on what looked like a luxury island in a lavish photo set, stood on tiptoe and closed her eyes enjoying the warming sun. “My Colin came to visit me on the set and took this picture next to the prestigious grill. He was not part of the set,” she wrote. “For those of you who tend to write me to eat a burger, I tend to tell you * not * to eat a burger, but I will not do it. Body Sheaming is so past a decade. Let’s celebrate who we are, with the wrinkles and imperfections.”

The post comes after the star posted a full nude photo last July, and at the end of last month she was photographed without a top for the LA Magazine cover. The 56.year.old star talks and writes quite a bit about accepting her changing body, and encourages followers and followers to do the same. Yes Yes Yes.

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