Bitter lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard culminates in final statements

Why do you want to defend Depp so fiercely? Psychologist Sini-Sofia Savola has followed the trial every moment and formed his own view.

Huge a spectacle swelled in both traditional and social media Amber Heardin and Johnny Deppin the trial ended today, Friday, May 27th. Closing remarks were heard in court, after which the jury makes its decision.

In the lawsuit, Depp accuses his ex-wife of Heard of defamation and thus ruining his career. Heard, for his part, has filed a counter-accusation that Depp blackmails him when he calls Heard’s accusations of intimate partner violence a hoax.

News agency According to Reuters, Depp’s lawyer Camilla Vasquez said in his closing remarks that Heard’s claims were “wild, exaggerated and unbelievable” and ruined Depp’s reputation in Hollywood and among fans.

“We ask you to give Mr. Depp back his life by saying that Mr. Depp is not the exploiter Miss Heard calls him,” Vasquez said.

“The good reputation of the man is at stake in this trial … and the man’s life is even more at stake,” he said.

After the final statements, the jury moves on to consider its decision. Jurymay take up to days.

Heardin lawyer Benjamin Rottenborn In his closing remarks, Depp reminded the jury of the messages Depp had sent to his friends and colleagues.

In one of the messages, Depp had called Heard a “dirty whore,” said he hoped he would die, and wrote “a woman from his burnt body”.

“This is a window into the heart and mind of America’s favorite pirate,” Rottenborn said.

“This is real Johnny Depp.”

Confused and the complex trial began on April 11, so it will be seven weeks since the lawsuit began. The trial is being held in Fairfax, Virginia, near Washington, the capital of the United States.

Heard and Depp are a former couple. The lawsuit is about a defamation lawsuit filed by Depp against Heard’s opinion post in 2018 at The Washington Post, as well as a counter-lawsuit filed by Heard against Depp.

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The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has lasted seven weeks.

As the trial progresses, many on social media have openly sided exclusively with either Johnny Depp or Amber Heard.

Speculations about “one’s own” about the mental health, motives, and reliability of the parties to the trial have become a central part of the ongoing spectacle. A large part of the audience seems to be firmly on the side of Depp and feels that the traditional media in particular are on the side of Heard.

This is also reflected in the commentary threads in the HS’s article on the subject, which writes, among other things, that the magazine “belittles Depp’s experience and emphasizes Heard’s experience.”

Heard being subjected to mocking memes is condemned, but at the same time it is understood – because of the inferiority is “also the treatment Johnny Depp has received”.

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That Defending Johnny Depp is often so closely associated with the blackmail of Amber Heard, is a confusing phenomenon. Why does Heard arouse so much outrage and anger?

The issue has been discussed in many articles, especially in the United States and Britain.

For example In an article in The Independent lawyer Charlotte Proudman wonders why “the world is sitting judging, questioning whether Heard is the‘ real victim ’. Does he look like a victim? Does he speak like a victim? Does he cry like a victim? ” and continues, “Where are the headlines asking if Depp is a criminal, convicting him of every move?”

Proudman ends up asking if the setting is because, as an idol, Depp has been like a “definition of masculinity”: “If even he, in spite of all fame, money and power, can be guilty of intimate partner violence, it sends a message to men that anyone can be a perpetrator.”

For example, instead of such a perspective, many commentators seem to have ended up emphasizing that also Amber Heard has been violent – and speculating on whether men more difficult to report about intimate partner violence. Maybe Depp is a victim?

Seven the outcome of a week-long trial is eagerly awaited. What the jury in Fairfax decides, however, may ultimately be less important than the public judgment that emerges through the debate surrounding the matter.

It is no wonder, then, that there have been indications during the trial that the debate on the internet has been manipulated.

The Swedish broadcaster SVT, for example, says in its publication in the news American media company The Daily Wire has spent tens of thousands of dollars on marketing that supports Depp and promotes an “anti-Heard” perspective.

In Finland as well many follow the legal battle intensively. The Helsinki resident does the same Sini-Sofia Savolawhich follows and comments on the trial on Instagram and On its Youtube channel.

Savola is a psychologist and says that his interest is rising from a professional angle. In the lawsuit, for example, when a lot of legal psychologists have been consulted, Savola says.

Savola has been following the proceedings through Court TV at all times, and he thinks that there has been relatively little coverage of the trial in the domestic media.

“There are a lot of good topics that could be talked about more in Finland as well, for example, intimate partner violence is a really important theme. And intimate partner violence against men in particular, for which men still have a significantly higher threshold to report. Now there seems to be a lot of evidence that Amber Heard was violent towards Depp. ”

Savola says he has a vision of who should win the lawsuit.

“After looking at all the trials and testimonies, I have come to the view that it is quite natural not to believe [Heardia]. There is much in Amber’s narrative that is not true through the descriptions of other witnesses. ”

One example is Heard’s claim that he would have donated his entire divorce, or $ 7 million, to charity. When proven otherwise, Heard said he has committed to donate his entire divorce, but has not yet been able to do so. According to Heard, he uses the pledge vs. donate verbs as synonyms.

Heard has promised to donate $ 3.5 million to the civil rights organization ACLU and another similar amount to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. ACLU General Counsel Terence Dougherty testified at the trial that the organization has received only about $ 350,000 from Heard. Admittedly, a total of $ 1.3 million has been donated in his name, including about $ 100,000 from Depp and $ 500,000 from the Vanguard Fund, owned by Heard’s ex-boyfriend. Elon Musk.

Amber Heardiin Savola does not like the mockery.

“It feels disgusting, any kind of bullying is wrong even if it targets the unknown.”

On the other hand, he also somehow understands why so many of Heard’s performances have been tweeted, for example.

“It doesn’t justify bullying, but it’s incredibly rude to lie that someone has been really sexually violent. If that happened, it’s awful, but there’s a lot of evidence that Amber lied about those situations. ”

According to Savola, the fact that Amber Heard seems to be directly angry is problematic. At the same time, as a psychology professional, he “takes it hard” to see how a psychiatrist who testifies on behalf of Amber Heard, for example, diagnosed Depp in a narcissistic personality trait and memory disorder without ever meeting Depp.

Such diagnoses require multiple appointments and psychological examinations, Savola says.

But aren’t Johnny Depp’s defense witnesses also professionally annoyed about the use?

“Either way … but I have to say that Heard has the most upright witnesses in that regard.”

Savola says the work of Johnny Depp’s lawyer and Depp himself should also be looked at more critically than people now seem to be doing.

“People tend to think things black and white. That’s bad, Depp has certainly not been a clean puzzle. ”

Although the most extreme anger and aversion known to Amber Heard perhaps comes primarily from the direction of Johnny Depp’s fans, however, there seem to be plenty of so-called ordinary people in Heard’s barking.

Has Savola wondered what this could be due to?

“When Depp and Heard both witnessed the tube for many days, it must have aroused in people … Many have interpreted that Amber was somehow theatrical or not genuine. Somehow that story probably takes people a lot and doesn’t arouse sympathy. ”

Editing 27.5. 11:26 a.m .: Added information that HS will show the final statements live. Also added information about ambiguities in Heard’s charitable donations.

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