Fitness giant Myprotein has chosen to stop collaborating with rape convict Teitur Skoubo

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The hammer has fallen. Not only in the Eastern High Court, but also with the fitness giant Myprotein.

Reality star Teiturs Skoubo, who was sentenced on Wednesday to two and a half years in prison for rape, has been dropped as a partner by the large and well-known fitness company Myprotein.

This is stated by Myprotein in a written comment to Ekstra Bladet.

‘In light of the recent conviction of Teitur Skoubo, we have made the decision to stop our cooperation with him with immediate effect,’ reads the words of the company.

Suspended collaboration
Myprotein initially chose to suspend the collaboration with Teitur Skoubo until the trial was completed.

“In light of recent events, we can confirm that Myprotein has stopped the partnership with the accused while this case is being investigated,” Myprotein told Ekstra Bladet a little over two months ago.

Teitur Skoubo has often advertised the fitness company on social media, but now the collaboration is finally over.

Another company that the reality star has advertised for is Goldfinger Tattoo, which at the time of writing has suspended the collaboration with Teitur Skoubo.

– It does. As long as the case is on, it has been suspended, were the words from Michael Lauritsen, manager at Goldfinger Tattoo, to Ekstra Bladet before the rape conviction.

– If he is convicted, it is clear that we will not continue the cooperation.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get Goldfinger Tattoo to confirm whether the collaboration with the reality star is now finally over after Wednesday’s verdict.

In a brief message, they write that they do not want to comment on the verdict as they ‘have no cooperation with him’.

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