Musicians are often exhausted and their work is not appreciated – the problems are already visible to teenagers, says singing teacher Marjo Hienonen – Culture

Talking about singing as a hobby and work on Instagram, Marjo Hieno is annoyed by how much the musicians’ work is underestimated.

Musicians experience insecurity and exhaustion in their working lives and their work is still not valued.

“A lot of people feel that because music is a nice hobby, it’s also a job in the spotlight,” says the song teacher and choir director. Marjo Hienonen.

“But experiences of exhaustion and inadequacy seem to come up often. I know many who have been on long sick leave, ”he adds and sighs.

In addition to his work, Hienonen likes the names Fine Sound Instagram account, where he talks about singing and music as both a hobby and a job. She talks about the joy of singing and wants to help people dare to sing.

At the same time, Hienonen also talks about the challenges of being a singer. Whenever he brings up coping at work, the reaction is similar.

“These topics always get a huge resonance because they are such common experiences that we don’t really dare to talk about,” Hienonen says.

Singing teacher Marjo Hienonen.

The music industry is truly competitive and its employment relationships very precarious. This is a dangerous combination. The general experience is that when jobs are offered, they are forced to grab, cycle or not.

“Many musicians feel that you always have to look confident and maintain that particular role so as not to lose future job opportunities.”

The problems received a lot of attention during the corona pandemic. The pandemic made them worse, but the problems existed before the pandemic and continue to exist after that.

Hienonen teaches singing extensively to people of all ages, but most of her students are teenagers and young adults. The problems in the music industry are already visible to them.

“Young people aspiring to become professional musicians seem to have a constant fear that they won’t find jobs. This, in turn, creates an attitude that everything possible must be received. ”

Competitiveness and in addition to uncertainty, a lack of appreciation and respect must be added to the equation.

“It feels like every time musicians talk about this, the first reaction is just‘ go to the right jobs! ’ Let’s imagine that musicians are lazy, which is not the case, ”says Hienonen.

According to Hienonen, the fact that music is an important hobby for many does not make it a less real job for professionals in the field. For example, there are dozens and dozens of hours of practical arrangements and practice behind the gig of a couple of hours.

In fact, training never ends. According to Hienonen, many musicians take a position to practice so that they can and must always do more, even at the expense of their own endurance. Because music is also a hobby, the line between work and leisure is easily blurred.

In addition, gigs may offer mere visibility or food pay instead of the requested salary, further reinforcing the experience of underestimation.

“Music is an important thing that brings a lot of good, and yet those who do it for work are constantly belittled. It would be important that the work of others is valued. ”

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