Britney Spears celebrates her freedom in a variety of ways, and after quite a few topless photos – now it’s her butt’s turn. The star shared a video and photo of her bare buttocks on her Instagram page, and wrote a long post about the motive. “I wanted you to watch it without editing”

Britney Spears is one of the stars we love more in the Hollywood swamp, and this past weekend she made significant progress among her guardians when her father filed a petition seeking termination of custody of his daughter. How did Britney celebrate the exciting news? With a picture of her ass, of course.

Britney shared on her Instagram page a photo and video of her bare ass, which she took from the look of her bathroom. The star stood in only small panties, moving from side to side, writing at length about her desire to expose her real ass. “I made you a video so you can see my real ass, without filters and edits,” she wrote. “That’s the real deal. I’m taking pictures of myself with a selfie stick and I’ll keep doing it. He’s uplifted, he’s not answering, and he’s particularly reliable.“

Britney’s butt exposure comes after quite a few topless photos that the star uploaded to her Instagram page, when in one of the posts she also explained in detail why she is photographed without a top. “No, I did not do a breast augmentation in a week and I am not pregnant. I have a tit in these pictures because I am a food prey!”, The star wrote. “Before I show you more pictures of my body I want you to understand what I think about exposing my skin. I think it’s pretty distorted the immediate reaction when a woman is hot and she wants to take off a layer. I’m not talking about strip clubs or gigs, just the practical meaning of being In your car and understand that you are wearing a dumb shirt with long sleeves in the summer. “

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