The embarrassing incident of Jennifer Aniston in an interview

Jennifer Aniston is one of our favorite stars in the global swamp, and we devoutly watch her every interview. When the star was interviewed in Zoom for a British morning show, she found herself in a rather embarrassing situation with the interviewer – and everything was broadcast in front of millions

The Corona period has brought into our lives quite a few things that have become legitimate in our eyes, like zoom interviews, for example. When Jennifer Aniston got to one of the many zoom interviews she did during the Corona era, she and her interviewers got into a particularly embarrassing short in the media.

Jennifer was interviewed for the British version of the morning show “This Morning”, and since she and the studio were separated quite a few kilometers – the interview was conducted online. During the interview, the interviewer asked her if she was a “hugger” type, but Jennifer heard something completely different. “Whore?”, She replied in surprise. “No! I did not say that! I meant a hug,” the terrified interviewer replied. “Sorry, we probably had gaps in translation. Yes I’m embracing,” Jennifer replied.



Apparently the accent and absorption difficulties were the ones that made Jennifer hear the word “hooker” instead of “hugger”, but the two went through the awkward moment quite easily and with a laugh. We loved.

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