Beyoncé is the undisputed queen of the global swamp, and as such, she often bombards with perfect outfits. When she and her partner went out for a sumptuous dinner she wore the shortest dress she could find – and it looked perfect

While all her friends in Hollywood have been marching in March for the VMAs, the undisputed queen of the swamp, Beyoncé, continues to make a living on a pampering vacation in Italy, to which she flew long days ago with her partner, Jay.Z. When the elusive couple went out to dinner with Beyoncé’s mother – the star knocked out an outfit we could not ignore.

Beyoncé went out to dinner in a tiny, expensive green dress, on which she carelessly placed a tailored jacket in the exact same color. Beyoncé walked into the restaurant in extra.high heeled sandals, turning all the heads of in the picturesque little town.

The last time we told you about the exploits of the most worthy mother around, she took her young daughter shopping for toys that would exist especially in New York. The star and her daughter were photographed at a branch of the upscale toy store, FBI or Schwartz, knocking on huge high heels, a yellow miniskirt and a perfect blue sweater over. We loved the levels.

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