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Pop star Burhan G. has had a good 2021 financially. Photo: Per Lange

After some hard years with corona, the music industry has got back on track – at least with Burhan G.

The millions have at least poured into his company, and that gives a million profit for the year.

It shows the latest accounts in his company, GENC ApS, which was published on Wednesday.

The gross profit in the company has almost doubled, as it has gone from around 2.2 million kroner in 2020 to as much as 4.3 million kroner in 2021. At the same time, significantly less salary has been paid in the company, which has gone from 2.4 million to 888,710 kroner in staff costs.

Therefore, the result on the bottom line is also significantly better than it was in 2020. The result is DKK 2.7 million, while the year before there was a small deficit of DKK 181,673.

The equity now amounts to as much as DKK 3.7 million, which is something of an upholstery compared to the DKK 1.1 million that was in the tax coffers in 2020.

Huge win
The year has indeed been financially sensible on other points for the pop singer, who has the bourgeois name Burhan Genc. He also made money on the housing market when he sold his villa in Søllerød.

The house only went on sale for 24 days before the 177 square meter, modern 80s property was sold.

Burhan G initially wanted 12.8 million, but thus received 11.8 million kroner for the house, which he bought back in February 2019.

At the time, the pop smith gave 7.5 million for it, so despite a reduction in the price, he gets 4.3 million kroner out of the sale of the five rooms and a 1,200 square meter plot.

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