Haley Baldwin dyed her hair
Hailey Baldwin has managed in 24 years of her life to become one of the most sought.after models overseas, with an iconic blonde and sculpted face. Now the star has decided to say goodbye to her famous shades – and launched no small makeover in her hair


Tonight, the festive VMA ceremony was held in the United States, providing every year quite a few exciting moments, historic wins and no less than elusive hits. All the stars and stars of the global swamp come to the coveted ceremony, taking the stage to launch relationships and dramatic block changes – and since Haley Baldwin is happily married to her partner, she has launched a new and disgusting hair.

The blonde star arrived at the ceremony in a long translucent pink dress, extra.high pink high heels, and her blonde hair that we love so much is dyed a super flattering dark brown. The beautiful star gathered her hair in a sloppy skull, and no doubt managed to steal the show at the most publicized ceremony in Hollywood.

The last time Haley made headlines her partner managed to get quite a few people to think they were expecting a first babe. Justin uploaded a stunning couple photo of himself and Haley taken in black and white, on which he wrote “Mom and Dad.” Many believed it was an official announcement of an exciting pregnancy, but then Haley responded: “I think you should change what you wrote to * a dog *’s father and mother before anyone misunderstands it.”

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